Fury as jobsworth traffic warden fines 32 drivers parking at Remembrance service

A jobsworth traffic warden slapped parking tickets on more than 30 vehicles as the drivers attended a Remembrance Sunday service.

Local residents were shocked to find parking tickets on 32 vehicles as they returned from the commemorations in Paignton, Devon.

The warden’s devious actions sparked outrage among the service attendees, who accused the warden of disrespecting the annual memorial honouring Britain’s war dead.

Local residents said parking is free of charge on Sundays in New Street and Palace Avenue, which is next to the church and war memorial.

However, it was clarified that parking was not free on Remembrance Sunday due to the memorial parade and that notices were put up to inform residents.

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The incident sparked a lively debate on social media, where residents expressed strong disapproval of the warden’s “disgusting” actions.

Jan Reynold wrote: ”This pen pusher is nothing more than a Little Hitler – probably hoping to get a bonus for booking as many cars as possible.”

A photo of a warden ticketing a car in Brixham was tagged “spotted at Brixham break water”.

Ian Luxley wrote: “Disgusting – not fit enough to lick the boots of these brave soldiers who fave their lives for the country.

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“He or she should be carpeted.

A facebook post on page Spotted Paignton posted “Just a heads up to anyone parked in New Street and Palace Avenue.

“I have just walked by and literally nearly every vehicle has a parking ticket!

“So odd. Perhaps people thought as it’s Sunday you can park for free?”

Another person responded saying: “I’m sad. I counted 32 cars. The traffic warden got his bonus this week for sure.”

Another person said: “absolutely disgusting, the warden should be ashamed.

“It should be free for those who have park there, especially for those going to pay their respects to those who have died.“

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