Fury as vandals turn memorial to war dead into a huge BUBBLE BATH

Fury as vandals turn memorial to war dead into a huge BUBBLE BATH by tipping washing up liquid into waterfall decorated with poppies

  • Poppy display in Ramsgate, Kent, was installed ahead of Remembrance Sunday 
  • Vandals tipped detergent into it and sent soap suds flowing towards the street
  • The council condemned them for their ‘mindless behaviour’ and ‘lack of respect’ 

Vandals desecrated a war memorial by pouring soap suds into a waterfall that had been decorated with poppies, turning the tribute into a huge bubble bath. 

The poppy display was installed at the ornamental waterfall in Ramsgate, Kent, ahead of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War this weekend. 

But a group of hooligans threw detergent all over the water feature, spoiling the memorial and damaging some of the poppies. 

The pranksters have been condemned for their ‘mindless behaviour’ and ‘complete lack of respect’ for the town’s war dead.

The waterfall in Ramsgate, Kent, after vandals had desecrated the memorial decoration by tipping detergent into it, sending soap suds cascading towards the street 

Before: The display of thousands of poppies on a waterfall in Ramsgate which had been created to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War

The detergent, tipped into a waterfall in Madeira Walk, obliterated the view of 8,000 hand-crocheted poppies installed to mark Remembrance Sunday.

They were made to look like water spilling down over rocks and were in place to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

Locals were left upset by the prank.

Tony Uden took pictures and posted them on Facebook, adding: ‘Angry and ashamed that we should have people in our town who would do this.’

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Julie Barker said: ‘No respect!’ while Glenys Miller said of the vandals: ‘Without these people you would not be alive today, shame on you.’

Gary Perkins added: ‘It has to be seen to be believed, it’s airbourne and all over town….’

Caren Marsh said: ‘I am absolutely horrified and so upset to see this.

And Pete Heath said: ‘The stupid scumbags who can’t leave public things alone should have ALL their possessions confiscated, smartphone £200 trainers, xbox etc, and sold off at auction and the proceeds donated to whichever charity is most appropriate to the people that have been offended – ex servicemen in this instance.

A huge pile of foam covers up the waterfall and descends towards the street after vandals had poured soap suds into a display meant to commemorate the town’s war dead

Some of the foam which had travelled down the street after the hooligan attack on the waterfall. The pranksters have since been condemned for their ‘mindless behaviour’

‘Then maybe this useless anti-social behaviour might at least slow down.’

The Grade II-listed memorial is set in the wide curving corner of a flowerbed in Albion Place Gardens and was made from Portland stone sculpted by Gilbert Bayes RA.

The poppy display was created by local knitters Crafty Poppies, who spent months creating them to honour those killed in conflict.

They were installed over the waterfall on Madeira Walk and around a nearby First World War statue known as Destiny. 

A team from Thanet District Council helped secure them in place on November 1 ahead of a Remembrance Sunday ceremony this weekend.

The ceremony will be followed by a Remembrance day parade.

However after the soap attack, some poppies were damaged and needed reattaching.

The original poppy display is pictured at night. Some 8,000 hand-crocheted poppies were installed on the waterfall ahead of the Remembrance Sunday ceremony 

A similar prank in 2015 caused bubbles to attach to nearby cars and fly across the seaside town.

A spokeswoman for the council said they were disappointed by the vandalism.

‘Due to the mindless behaviour of a small minority of people, the waterfall at Madeira Walk has once again been subjected to vandalism and anti-social behaviour,’ she said.

‘What makes this incident particularly distressing, is the complete disregard and lack of respect for the recent installation of poppies here to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

‘A clean up has begun now the foam has dispersed to a level which allows our teams access to the water supply. We sincerely hope we will be able to rectify the waterfall before Remembrance Sunday this weekend.

‘As we’ve seen persistent anti-social behaviour in this location, we are also considering the installation of CCTV – however this will mean identifying additional funds at a time when council funds are scarce.’

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