Futuristic home built into a Greek cliff looks like Bond villain lair

A FUTURISTIC home with the look of a Bond Villain’s lair has been built onto the side of a cliff.

The eye-catching property – dubbed NCaved by its creator – sits by a secluded rocky cove on the Greek island of Serifos.

NCaved was designed by Athens-based Mold Architects, who say their creation is “seemingly hovering just above sea level”.

Iliana Kerestetzi, Mold Architects founder, says the house was created for a private client but wouldn’t disclose how much was paid for it.

“We sold the land and then designed and built the house for him," said Kerestetzi

"The clients prefer to keep price information private.

“What I could probably say is that the price is not significantly different than a ‘non in –caved’ construction.”

In their description of the home, Mold Architects say: “The need to create a protected shelter, at a location of disarming view, but openly exposed to strong north winds, led us to the decision to drill the slope, instead of arranging a set of spaces in line at ground level.

“We applied a rectangular grid to the slope to produce a three-dimensional ‘chessboard’ of solids and voids.”

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