Gangster dubbed ‘Little Miss Attitude’ forced kids to deal heroin and cocaine

A gangster dubbed “Little Miss Attitude” has admitted to forcing kids to deal heroin and cocaine, a court has heard.

Naliah Noreen, 23, was arrested after it emerged she used a teenage boy as a “runner” for her gang that had 1,200 customers.

She and her brothers ran five hotlines from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, and used numerous teens to deliver Class A drugs.

The mum-of-one also drove around the UK to pick up cash for her boyfriend before being apprehended in 2018.

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Cops revealed Noreen was spotted collecting a Tesco carrier bag with £26,890 from a dealer in a VW Golf.

As she was being interviewed by cops, Noreen said: “Better get me the f*** out of here or I’m going to kick off.”

She later admitted conspiracy to supply cocaine and heroin as well as money laundering at Minshull Street Crown Court, in Manchester.

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Her brothers Asad Ali, 19, and Ratio Ali, 20, and 18-year-old housemate Janaid Rehman were all caged at a previous hearing.

The Sun reported prosecuting lawyer Daniel Calder said: “While Ms Noreen’s role was primarily organising the delivery of drugs, it is clear she also was involved in delivering them to users, as can be seen from text messages recovered from her mobile telephone.

“Police also became aware that 15-year-old was being used to deliver Class A drugs. It is plain, the group, including this defendant, were responsible for controlling the activities of the boy who delivered both cocaine and heroin to users who had contacted the drug lines being operated by Ms Noreen and her family.”

Noreen’s defence lawyer claimed Noreen was “under the direction of her boyfriend”, but denied she had been exploited.

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But, Judge Tina Landale said while sentencing: “You (Noreen) were directing the supply and occasionally delivering of drugs and you had a significant role.

“The seriously aggravated feature in your case is your organisation recruited a 15-year-old child to supply class A drugs on your organisations behalf.”

Officers revealed they nabbed 13kg of Class A drugs and more than £100,000 in cash that was hoarded by the gang.

Ringleader Mohammed Fazal, 33, is currently serving 15 years behind bars.

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