Gary Lineker he was once caught having sex with girlfriend in a car

Gary Lineker reveals how he was once caught having sex with his future wife in his Fiat Uno in a country lane – because it had ‘Gary Lineker Drives A Fiat’ daubed on the side

  • The Match of the Day host, 59, was caught during his early days at Leicester City
  • He and his then future wife Michelle Cockayne were spotted romping in his car 
  • Enthusiastic fan had spotted Linekar due to a sticker emblazoned with his name
  • He had to have the sticker as he had been loaned vehicle by local car dealership

Match of the Day host Gary Lineker has revealed how he and his future wife were once caught having sex in a car along a country line. 

The former England captain, 59, revealed the intimate details on his Behind Closed Doors podcast today. 

During his early days at Leicester City, he and his then-girlfriend Michelle Cockayne, the mother of his four boys, had driven down a country lane away from prying eyes.

But his car, complete with ‘Gary Lineker LCFC Drives a Fiat’ daubed on the sides, was spotted by an enthusiastic fan who rushed over the say hello.

Lineker confessed that he was given a vehicle by a local car dealership in his early playing days for Leicester City. The 59-year-old said he had driven the motor – which was emblazoned with ‘Gary Lineker Drives a Fiat’ on the sides – up a country lane to romp with Michelle, who he married in 1986

Speaking on his podcast, the former footballer – who netted 48 goals for England – said that an enthusiastic fan had seen his car and come across to say hello. At then time, he was having sex with his then girlfriend Michelle Cockayne

While the couple were having sex, there was a tap on the window – which Lineker said had ‘steamed up’ – with the fan shouting ‘Gary, we know you’re in there lad’.  

Speaking on his podcast, the former footballer – who netted 48 goals for England – said: ‘Going way back in my early days when I was on £100-a-week and dating the boys’ mother (Michelle).

‘I used to have a sponsors car – I had a Fiat Uno with ‘Gary Lineker Drives..’ all over it in massive letters – it was embarrassing.’

He added: ‘As you do, at some point when you are dating, we found a country lane out in the middle of nowhere…and ‘bam, bam, bam’, there we are in the car and it all steams up.

‘Suddenly we get a knock on the window and I’m like ‘What’s that?’ and someone is going ‘Gary, we know you’re in there lad, we know you’re in there’.

‘I’ve gone ‘Oh no, my name’s on the side of car’…talk about taking the wind out of your sails – true story. I didn’t finish on that occasion!’

A photograph show Linker donning a full Leicester City strip posing on the side of the bonnet of the motor, which has ‘Uno1’ on the bonnet and ‘Supplied by Kilby Bridge Motors’ on the passenger door. 

The former Spurs and Barcelona striker, 59, (pictured on Match of the Day) revealed the intimate details on his Behind Closed Doors podcast today

Speaking previously on his podcast, the former player revealed how he scored a hat-trick for Leicester City against Derby County in a 4-0- win in 1982 after romping with Michelle just hours before kick-off.

He said that because he was ‘a superstitious player’ he carried on romping in the mornings before matches for another four weeks.

He said, however, that he called it off after he failed to net another hat-trick in the other four matches.

He added: ‘Sex was genuinely banned the night before (a game) – but how are they going to check up and find out? I have no idea if it takes the energy out of you or not.

‘The only time I ignored that (advice), we did it on the morning of the game…I was always a sprinter not a marathon runner, so it didn’t take too long.

‘So anyway, I scored a hat-trick – I can’t remember who against, something in my head says Derby, so then of course, being a superstitious guy’.

He added: ‘Four weeks later I gave up on it as it never worked again.’

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