Georgetown pro-choice group offers free morning-after pill at oldest Catholic college

An unrecognized pro-choice group at Georgetown University is giving away free morning-after pills at the country’s oldest Catholic college.


A non-recognized pro-choice student group is providing “Plan B” free of charge to students at Georgetown University because the emergency contraception is not available on campus.

The group made the announcement Monday in a Facebook video, with their president, Angela Maske saying: “If they won’t meet our needs, we’ll build our own systems and meet them ourselves.”

“H*yas for Choice has been providing condoms, lube, dental dams, and other safer sex supplies on Georgetown’s campus for decades,” HFC communications director, Elianna Schiffrik, said in the clip. “But because of Georgetown’s ban on selling any form of contraception on campus, up until now, the closest place you could buy EC was nearly a mile’s walk away where it can cost between $30 and $60.”

HFC will provide anyone on the campus Plan B for no charge, but asks for a suggested donation of $10.


Georgetown does not provide the morning-after pill, and only prescribes “hormonal contraceptives if medically indicated but not directly for contraception,” according the Student Health Center.

"H*yas for Choice is not a student organization with access to university benefits and does not receive funding from the University,” a Georgetown spokesperson told Fox News. “Individual students are permitted to express their opinions and ideas freely."

Schiffrik told The Hoya, the student newspaper, that the reaction has been "overwhelmingly positive so far".

"We haven’t seen too much aggressive backlash yet,” she said. “We do anticipate it.”

The Georgetown Right to Life board said it does not take a stance on contraception.

“The medical and ethical questions regarding Plan-B and other emergency contraceptives are complicated,” told Fox News. “To our knowledge, Plan-B works to impede fertilization, the goal of contraception. For that reason, we also do not have a stance on the distribution of Plan-B. We advocate for the dignity of all human life, beginning with conception and ending with natural death. We will continue to fight for the rights of the pre-born and to support pregnant women on our campus and in our community.”

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, slammed the move by the pro-choice group.

“It’s outrageous, deadly, and dangerous that students would distribute chemical abortion drugs on campus,” Hawkins said in a statement to Fox News. “Will they be there in the middle of the night if something goes wrong? Do they have the expertise to ensure that abusers don’t give them to unsuspecting women or to determine if the conditions of a woman’s pregnancy puts her at risk? Women need to know that these drugs are unsafe. This kind of political stunt will put women’s lives at risk.”

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