Ghislaine Maxwell believes her ex Jeffrey Epstein was ‘murdered’

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Speaking from behind bars, the convicted teen sex trafficker said: “I believe that he was murdered. I was shocked and I wondered how it had happened. “As far as I was concerned, I am sure he was going to appeal, and I was sure he covered under the non-prosecution agreement.”

She went on to say how she wasn’t included in his indictment following his arrest in July 2019 for sex trafficking of teenage girls and that she thought he was to appeal and would win.

Epstein had previously brokered a deal when in Florida to protect him from further prosecution after pleading guilty in 2008 to state charges of procuring a person under 18 for prostitution and felony solicitation of prostitution.

Maxwell insisted she wished she had stayed in England and never met the billionaire financier.

She added she wished she had been “more successful” in moving away from him as she became as a banker.

The 61-year-old said at the time she “never had a problem introducing people to friends” and that Epstein seemed “friendly with everyone”.

Maxwell repeated her claim the well-known photo showing the Duke of York next to Virginia Giuffre was manufactured.

She added: “It’s a fake. I don’t believe it’s real for a second, in fact, I’m sure it’s not.”

Maxwell said there has never been an original and further, “there’s no photograph” and that she had only seen a photocopy of the photograph.

She also confirmed the Mirror/Express/Star stories about her life inside Florida’s Tallahassee prison.

Maxwell told how she wakes at 6am before having cereal and a piece of fruit for breakfast.

She said that she then makes her bed “military-style” before then heads to the prison’s law library, where she works until 10.30am when she is served lunch which she describes as “beyond tasteless”.

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