Ghislaine Maxwell is ‘untouchable’ under Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 agreement warns expert

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Conchita Sarnoff told BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis that Ghislaine Maxwell is covered under the immunity clause within the non-prosecution agreement given to Jeffrey Epstein in 2008. Ms Sarnoff added that the deal was a federal agreement, not a state agreement.   

Ms Maitlis said: “In the US you have the system of plea bargaining, the possibility of reducing a sentence by providing information that authorities find helpful.

“What impact do you think that system could have here?”

Ms Sarnoff replied: “First of all Ghislaine Maxwell is covered under the immunity clause.

“When Jeffrey Epstein was given the agreement, the none-prosecution agreement back in 2008, Ghislaine was covered under that agreement.

“That would make it a federal agreement, not a state agreement.”

The Newsnight host said: “If she is covered under a federal agreement of immunity then does that mean she is untouchable?

“I don’t understand that.”

Ms Sarnoff responded: “

She added: “In addition, there is also the very important statute of limitations which as you know it has now been 20 years.”

Yesterday Piers Morgan clashed with a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell on Good Morning Britain. 

Laura Goldman suggested Epstein and Maxwell had a conflictual relationship as she claimed the socialite was “afraid” of the convicted sex offender.

She said: “To say the only person who can’t be afraid of him is Ghislaine Maxwell is just wrong.”


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Mr Morgan replied: “I met Ghislaine at a book launch in 2013 briefly for a few minutes with Stephen Fry and other people that were at this book launch.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met a more confident person in my life or a more social gadfly, fluttering around the party, knew everybody, super confident, strong, you could tell all those things.

“The idea that she was somehow a victim, I’ve got to be honest with you, I find laughable.

“She’s part of his world for decades and the idea you are trying to portray her as a victim when actually the victims are these poor underage girls who were terrorised for decades by Jeffrey Epstein, I think many will find repulsive.”

Ms Goldman insisted she could understand Mr Morgan’s argument and claimed she had faced backlash for her comments on social media.

She said: “Okay and I understand that and believe me, every one of them has hit me on Twitter.”

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