Gibraltar ERUPTS with no deal Brexit warning to Spain – ‘Won’t accept bad agreement!’

Picardo: Nothing will cleave Gibraltar from the UK

Brexit negotiations over the relationship between Gibraltar and Spain are being pursued separately to the main deal that was agreed between the UK and the EU. Spain and the United Kingdom are currently in a pre-agreement phase tensely awaiting the final agreement. The deadline for this final agreement is before the end of June 2021.

The chief minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, speaking to Spanish media outlet RTVE said: “I believe there is still the risk of not reaching an agreement.

“I believe we can reach an agreement, but of course, it is possible that we will not reach an agreement that can be translated into a treaty.

“We are going to work very hard to achieve that agreement.

“We will work as hard as we have worked before New Year’s Eve.

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“But if it is impossible to reach an agreement, Gibraltar must remain able to say that a bad agreement is worse than a no agreement.”

The chief minister added that he did not want to see Gibraltar entering into a hard Brexit with Spain.

He added: “But the truth is that I believe that Gibraltar, the UK and Spain have demonstrated that we are working hard to achieve an agreement and not lead Gibraltar or the Campo de Gibraltar area to a no deal and a hard Brexit.”

Mr Picardo noted that the Brexit agreement between the UK and the EU was 1,200 pages long but Gibraltar was only a footnote in the documentation.

He was then asked if there was the feeling Gibraltar was being abandoned by the UK.

Speaking about the main agreement between the UK and the EU he said: “That agreement contains very few things that are of interest to Gibraltar.

“Although, there are some things that are of interest to Gibraltar and Spain in relation to the future relationship that Gibraltar will have with the European Union and with Spain, but these things will be collected in the framework of what we hope will be a specific treaty in relation to Gibraltar, which can collect all that.

“And I also tell you that the United Kingdom’s agreement with the European Union does not include anything for the Overseas Territories, not only in relation to Gibraltar.

The UK and Spain have agreed in principle that the land border between Gibraltar and Spain should not be present, with a possible six-month timeline.

However, the terms of such a deal have to be made into a formal treaty with the EU.

There is a single road linking the territory with Spain.

It is understood it will eventually be widened to allow people and cars to travel freely.

However, some border guards will remain on standby at the border.

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