Girl spotted lying across 85mph railway tracks on CCTV checking her mobile phone

A girl was spotted lying across railway tracks where trains can reach speeds of up to 85mph.

In the footage, the teen is seen casually using her mobile phone while another girl stands close by.

The shocking image was taken from CCTV footage at a level crossing near Horsham in West Sussex last month.

Network Rail released the photo today, Tuesday, to warn young people about the potentially deadly dangers of playing near train tracks.

"We really must get the message across to children and their parents the dangers of trespassing on the track," Vincent van der Hoeven, Network Rail head of route quality, health, safety, and environment, said.

He went on: "We are putting efforts into getting the message across in schools and on social media through our Parallel Lines film and You Vs Train campaign."

Other pictures released on Tuesday show two boys walking down the tracks at Bewbush, near Crawley.

Nicola Dooris, community safety manager on the South East route, said: "Unfortunately, during lockdown, we have seen an increase in the numbers of young people messing about on the railway.

"On that section of track, trains often travel at 85mph and, at that speed, unlike cars, trains can take hundreds of metres to stop – a fact many young people don't realise.

"Using CCTV like this, I'm often able to track down young people and talk to them, and I'd much rather do that than help our staff cope with the aftermath of young people being killed."

It comes after figures released in March showed there was a 40% increase in youth trespass incidents in southeast London, Surrey, and Sussex after the region emerged from the first national lockdown.

The children, whose identities have been disguised in the CCTV pictures, have been spoken to by transport police officers, Network Rail said.

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