Girlfriend of suspected NYPD cop shooter is arrested

The gal pal of Kelvin Stichel – who allegedly shot a cop in a Friday gun battle – was arrested for macing police while defending her crazed beau in a different incident last month, authorities told The Post on Saturday.

Tarnita Jacobs, 38, was with her career criminal boyfriend on June 6 when cops arrived at her Brooklyn apartment looking to arrest Stichel, 33, on a warrant for armed robbery, police said.

But Jacobs maced the officers and the two escaped, officials said.

On Friday morning, officers spotted Stichel on foot in Bedford-Stuyvesant and he took off running.

When cops ordered him to show his hands, he shot off six bullets, one of which hit Detective Miguel Soto in the upper right thigh.

Cops returned fired, hitting Stichel in the arm. A trail of blood led them to the shooter’s location about three blocks away, in the hallway of 39 Kingston Ave.

Late Friday, cops arrested Jacobs for second-degree assault on a police officer for the incident a month earlier, cops said.

It’s unclear where she was arrested.

Jacobs was also slapped with a second felony assault charge for an incident on March 24, where she and a pal attacked a 38-year-old woman with a glass bottle on the head.

Stichel was being treated Saturday at Brookdale Hospital.

Soto was released from Kings County Hospital on Friday.

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