Giuliani preparing ‘counter-report’ to discredit Mueller

President Trump’s lawyers are compiling a “counter-report” to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation — even though the former FBI chief has not finished his probe.

Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, told The Daily Beast on Thursday that part of his report would examine whether the “initiation of the investigation was … legitimate or not.”

Giuliani said most of the report will be divided into two sections — one questioning the legitimacy of the Mueller probe by alleging that the feds have “possible conflicts” of interest and the other responding to allegations that Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.

Giuliani admitted that he didn’t know what Mueller’s findings would look like — but that he would make a guess.

“Since we have to guess what it is, [our report] is quite voluminous,” Giuliani told the website, adding that he would whittle it down over the weekend.

“The first half of it is 58 pages, and second half isn’t done yet…It needs an executive summary if it goes over a hundred,” he said.

Glenn Kirschner, a retired federal prosecutor in Washington, called the effort “pure PR nonsense.”

“They are making an announcement that they will issue a rebuttal to a report that we don’t know when it is coming out or what it will contain,” he added.

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