Glam Ukrainian woman turns heads as she poses in front of burned Russian tank

A Ukranian Instagrammer turned heads online after posing next to a burnt out Russian tank.

The model, whose photo was shared on the r/ Ukraine Reddit forum, can be seen standing with her legs crossed ad her hands in her air as her loyal photographer snaps a few pictures.

In the snap, she can be seen wearing a black crop top, light blue joggers and white trainers as she stands in front of the destroyed tank.

Reddit fans got very excited about the warzone photo, with one writing: "Ah, nature is healing – Instagrammers and influencers returning to their natural habitats."

Over 300 eager commenters waded into the discourse, with many joking about the "hazardous" nature of the model's work.

One commenter, channeling David Attenborough, said: "The natural habitat of Instagrammers is solid terrain, because with their white sneakers, they are impeded by thick mud.

"Contrary to that, farmers find their way even on more muddy ground with their rubber boots and tractors, where they like to collect disabled tanks.

"Here, behind the female Instagrammer, we see the remains of a male Russian tank that tried to escape the farmers on the solid road — without success, as we can see to the delight of the Instagrammer couple."

Another asked: "I like to think of something like this as a demonstration of Ukrainian military success. She's dunking on the orcs. It's not my cuppa but maybe she's raising funds for body armor? Feeding her family?"

While some questioned the taste of posing in a war zone, most found the snap a bit of lighthearted fun amidst the misery of war.

One commenter said: "You can see the dude smiling, it very easily could just be a cute couple having some fun during the absolute hellscape that war brings."

Another added: "It’s an opportunity you simply have to use. I don’t like being photographed but even I would do it."

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