Glamorous PR guru Carrie Symonds, 30, starred in ‘satanic sex cult’

PR Carrie Symonds at the centre of Boris Johnson affair scandal

Boris’s beach blonde’s X-rated play: Glamorous PR guru Carrie Symonds, 30, starred in ‘satanic sex cult’ based on writings of unabashed occultist

  • Carrie Symonds social media posts show her in a variety of glamorous poses
  • One of the photographs shows her holding a watermelon while on holiday 
  • Others show her at the helm of a yacht and another drinking  a glass of rose wine
  • One shocking image comes from an x-rated play she performed at Warwick Uni 

She may have gone to ground since finding herself at the centre of a political storm, but there was a time when Carrie Symonds was rather less camera-shy, as these pictures show.

Taken from Miss Symonds’s social media posts, they show the 30-year-old former Tory aide, who has been linked to Boris Johnson, in a variety of glamorous poses on holiday, and even starring in a ‘satanic sex cult’ theatre production during her university days.

One of the photographs shows her on a beach, thought to be Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera, holding a watermelon.

This picture of Carrie Symonds holding a watermelon is believed to be in Saint-Tropez 

Ms Symonds was also photographed at the helm of a yacht while enjoying a sunshine holiday

Another image showed her drinking a glass of rose while on a balcony wearing a bikini

Others were taken of her at the helm of a yacht, lying in the sun in Tuscany and drinking a glass of rose wine on a balcony.

But the most shocking pictures show her performing in an X-rated play. It is thought she took part as a drama student at Warwick University, where she studied from 2006 to 2009.

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The production was based on the writings of self-styled mystic Aleister Crowley – an unabashed occultist who revelled in his infamy as ‘the wickedest man in the world’. He died in 1947.

Crowley’s form of worship involved sadomasochistic sex rituals with men and women, spells which he claimed could raise evil gods, and the use of hard drugs, including cocaine and heroin.

For the play, Miss Symonds is wearing a black dress and torn black tights with heavy black make-up smeared around her eyes.

Ms Symonds has not been seen publicly since the Boris Johnson political scandal erupted

In one picture she is kneeling on the floor with a table in the background. On the table are written the words ‘cognac, c*** and cocaine’ – a reference to one of Crowley’s most notorious poems.

A bottle of cognac and small pile of white powder, believed to represent cocaine, are on the table, which is surrounded by a circle of cards. The words ‘Do As Thou Wilt’ are scrawled in chalk in the centre of the circle.

Alongside Miss Symonds sits a bare-chested male student with ‘Big Beast’ and ‘Do As Thou Wilt’ daubed across his chest and throat in black ink.

While at Warwick University, Ms Symonds performed in an x-rated play

Crowley’s poem Leah Sublime includes the foul-mouthed lines: ‘Straddle your Beast, My Masterful B****… Spit on me, scarlet, Mouth of my harlot… Soak me in cognac, c*** and cocaine.’

Away from the stage, Miss Symonds has also dabbled in more conventional activities. A passionate environmental campaigner, she founded a company for making an alternative to plastic straws, it has emerged.

She set up The Final Straw Ltd last December, with herself as the sole director and shareholder. The firm describes its business as the ‘manufacture of cutlery’ in filings at Companies House.

At the time, she was the Tory Party’s director of communications.

One of her biggest successes in her role at Tory HQ was to campaign with environmentally-conscious MPs such as Zac Goldsmith and Michael Gove.

Her firm does not have its own website and it is unclear whether it has manufactured anything yet.

In April, under pressure from campaigns including the Daily Mail’s drive to ‘turn the tide on plastic’, the Government announced a ban on the sale of plastic straws and drink stirrers. The Foreign Office under Mr Johnson has led the way, banning single-use straws in February.

For the play, Ms Symonds is wearing a black dress and torn black tights with heavy black make-up smeared around her eyes

The play was based on the writing on Aleister Crowley, an occultist who died in 1947

Less than two weeks earlier, Mr Johnson had been spotted with Miss Symonds in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day while his police protection officers sat nearby.

Miss Symonds campaigns on a range of issues close to her heart.

After leaving Tory HQ last month, she is due to start as a clean oceans specialist at Bloomberg Philanthropies, the charitable arm of the City tech giant. She postponed her start date this week as the furore over her links to Mr Johnson’s marriage breakdown continued.

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