Glenmore landfill fees to rise in 2019

Taking garbage to the Glenmore landfill will cost you a dollar more come January 1st.

Currently, there is a minimum $11 fee for using the dump, with that fee rising to $12 in the new year. The per-tonne fee will also be going up, to $95 from the current rate of $85.

The rate hikes are part of a three-year plan that was approved by city council in 2017.

In 2020, the minimum fee will stay at $12, but the per-tonne fee will climb by $5 to $100. The city says loads should be covered and secured, and the fine for an uncovered load is up to $150. For a complete list of waste rates and acceptable materials, visit

The city says there is no per-bag rate, but residents can place up to two additional bags of garbage out per week if the bags are tagged with Tag-a-Bag stickers. Locations to purchase Tag-a-bag stickers can be found at

The city also says residents should expect a scheduling change during the holiday season. With Christmas and New Year’s Day both being Tuesdays, waste collection will be shifted by one day. Regular Tuesday pick-ups will be done on Wednesday, regular Wednesday pick-ups will be done on Thursday, etc.


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