GMB viewers stunned as Dr Shola says n-word twice live on air

GMB viewers are left stunned as Dr Shola says n-word twice live on air during racism debate

  • Lawyer and activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu used the n-word twice live on air
  • It came during a debate over rugby fans singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot 
  • Piers Morgan asked if black rappers should be banned from using the n-word  

Good Morning Britain viewers were stunned when panellist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu repeated the n-word live on air during a debate on racism.

Appearing on the show at around 8.30am, Dr Shola was debating whether England rugby fans should be banned from singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot, because the song was originally sung by slaves.

During the debate, Piers Morgan asked if black musicians should be banned from using the N-word in their lyrics.

The host said: ‘If we’re going to ban Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, can we ban rap stars from peppering all their songs with the n-word? I’ve had an issue with that for a long time.’ 

Hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid carried on the debate without commenting on the use of the slur during on Monday’s show

Dr Shola replied: ‘I don’t use the N-word, and what I mean is the n***** word.

‘I understand rap stars and black youths have almost taken that word and turned it on its head, and appropriated it for themselves.

‘What I find really interesting is white people who go: ‘Well, if you can use it then I can use it.’

‘That tells you they’re desperate to use the word n***** – but if it comes from a white person’s mouth, it is racist.’

The debate continued without comment on the use of the slur from either Piers or his co-host Susanna Reid. 

Lawyer and activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu used the ‘N’ word twice during a debate on racism on Good Morning Britain on Monday

Boris Johnson waded into the debate last week, declaring Swing Low Sweet Chariot should not be banned ‘because no-one knows the words’. 

He said: ‘Nobody as far as I understand it seems to know the words. Before we start complaining about Swing Low Sweet Chariot I’d like to know what the rest of the words are… ‘’Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, coming for to carry me home’’, then it all dies out.’

Viewers took to Twitter to share their shock after Dr Shola used the word twice in a matter of minutes.

The comments sparked some debate over the use of the word, particularly, during breakfast television. 

One user said: ‘Racial slurs with your cornflakes, only on ITV.’  

There was some praise for the lawyer and activist, one person tweeted that she was ‘killing it’ on the morning show.

James Buckingham said: ‘I do get it – taking ownership of the ‘N’ word gives a power over a word used to oppress a whole race almost like sticking two fingers up to the past.

‘I just wish nobody would use the word at all and leave it in the past, where it belongs.’ 

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