‘God rejects you!’ Furious protester shrieks at Pope as guards drag him away – VIDEO

Man interupts Pope saying ‘God rejects you’

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Pope Francis was delivering his weekly sermon in the Paul VI hall at the Vatican but was disturbed after a man yelled out in a mix of English and Italian denouncing the Catholic leader. The man, who stood alone in the crowd holding what appears to be a mask, pleaded with the Pope and told him “The Church is not the way God wants it”. Two Vatican police and a Swiss guard grabbed the man and calmly escorted him out of the hall as he continued to shout out.

The Pope’s sermon was held on Wednesday with the man standing in the audience shouting at him as he read to the crowd.

The man could be heard shouting “The Church is not the way God wants it” and “God rejects you, Father. You’re not a king” as he was escorted out.

The protester could also be heard yelling “please” as the Pope continued on unfazed.

Later on, the Pope addressed the outburst and urged the audience to pray for him and to not cast him out because he is “suffering”.

He said: “We heard, a few minutes ago, a person who was yelling, scolding, who had a problem.

“I don’t know if it’s physical, psychic or spiritual, but it’s one of our brothers, in difficulty.

“I would like to conclude by praying for him, our brother who suffers. Poor man, he’s shouting because he’s suffering.

“Let’s not be deaf to the needs of this brother.”

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During his sermon, the Pope blessed the parents of two daughters who died in a car crash in Rome.

Lorena and Antonella Flores Cheves, aged 19 and 23, died on December 19, 2021.

Parent Luis Flores commented on the interaction and said: “He dedicated time to help us find peace and resignation with the strength of understanding.

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“And he expects us to give our maximum effort to honour the memory of our daughters.”

The Pope also concluded his Wednesday session by noting the upcoming anniversary of the International Day of Human Fraternity on February 4.

He told the audience: “I hope that concrete steps will be taken, together with believers of other religions, to affirm that today is the time for fraternity, avoiding fueling clashes, divisions, closures.”

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