Good Samaritan rescues teen who was being stabbed in the head by gang who stormed childrens' funfair

Brave Georgina Wood, 23, rescued Dylan Swan, 16, as the thugs laid into him after storming the local funfair in Newcastle.

The schoolboy claims he was stabbed in the head with a butterfly knife during the horrific assault and was also beaten and stamped on by the assailants.

Georgina – who works as a carer for the elderly – was walking home with pals when the group came across the attack.

She said: "We just thought we can’t just let this happen. We were scared but we had to stop it. It could have ended-up a lot worse.

“They all started beating him up. So we went over and said; ‘Get off him’ and then they all ran off.”

"I didn’t have anything with me so I tried to get his jacket off to apply pressure on his wound, there wasn’t much else we could do.

"He was conscious and talking but he was very shaken.

“At the time I was just thinking;’ I have got to stop this happening’. But looking back I was thinking what could have happened to us. You never know.

Dylan said: “I sat down on a bench in Exhibition Park, I was by myself. About 30 people came and surrounded me.

“They started jumping on top of me, they were jumping on my head and body.

“One of them took out a butterfly knife and stabbed me near my head.

“I was terrified. It lasted for about ten to 15 minutes."

He continued: “But a nurse came and helped me.

“She chased everyone away and put me in the recovery position and gave me first aid."

The attack comes as criminal gangs tighten their grip on Britain's streets – sparking an epidemic of youth violence.

Violent crime rocketed by 21 per cent last year – the highest figure in 15 years.

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