Google Maps fans spot ‘Star Destroyer’ after strange lights found

Google Maps users claim to have spotted the Star Destroyer from Star Wars after seeing strange reflective lights on the service's sattelite view.

The Star Destroyer was a wedge-shaped ship that appeared in four Star Wars movies, including The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

"The hell is this?" a Google Maps user wrote on Reddit, accompanied by an image that some users thought resembled the famous ship.

While some surmised that the harsh light could have been caused by a reflective material on the roof of a building, others let their imaginations run more wildly than that.

"Sir, thats the back of a Star Destroyer," one person said, as another responded: "For sure not a moon so it must be a Star Destroyer."

It appears the image is in England, in Southend on Sea, Essex more specifically, according to one user.

A Star Destroyer was a dagger-shaped type of capital ship that were used by the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire, the First Order, and the Sith Eternal in the famous movie franchise.

Notable examples of Star Destroyers include the Imperial-class Star Destroyer and its predecessor the Venator-class Star Destroyer.

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Recently, a spooked Google Maps sleuth again left Reddit users stumped after stumbling across what looks like a "bloody puddle" next to two white circular structures in a remote field.

The mysterious image, posted to the subreddit r/GoogleMaps, shows two white circular structures and a patch of red in a large areal shot of an unknown field.

User GelapopShipper_09 captioned the screenshot with: "What the heck is this?"

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The image has left many perplexed Reddit users speculating what the image contained.

"Someone swatted a really big fly," one Reddit user joked.

Another suggested: "A place to sacrifice pigs the traditional way (cutting their throats)".

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