Goose born with no eyes and half a beak now has life of luxury with his own pool

A two-year-old goose born with no eyes and only half a beak now lives a life of luxury among retired chickens.

Nibbler was rescued from a farm by animal lover Marina Somma when he was just a chick, where he would have been culled for his facial deformities.

The 28-year-old freelance writer took the gosling back to her sanctuary in Flagler County, Florida after finding him for sale on a Facebook group for pet geese in March 2019 when he was only a few days old.

She said: "When he was a baby he certainly had the baby-cute thing going for him, but he's always been a bit shocking on first impression regardless.

"Despite the fact, the group wasn't a local group, within a day or two of joining I saw a post about him and realized he was only 20 minutes or so from me.

"I'm not a big 'fate' person, but it was a little too much of a coincidence for me to just keep scrolling."

Now, the completely blind Sebastopol goose now spends his days charging about with a flock of senior hens, eating and swimming in his own pool as Marina regularly posts updates of him on her TikTok, @DarkWingsWildlife.

Marina, who now has over 2 million views, said: "He does sometimes get zoomies though – trouble is, when he has zoomies, he can run into things, so he likes to spin in circles instead."

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But trolls argue that Nibbler's disabilities mean he doesn't have the quality of life, but his loving owner knows he is thriving on her 15-acre property.

She said: "As long as Nibbler is healthy and happy he deserves to live, as does any animal.

"His deformity reminds me more of a very severe cleft palate than anything else.

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"He was healthy as any other little gosling! He just needs a bowl of feed that is a bit deeper so he can scoop it out more easily."

She went on: "He can even find his food and water on his own despite the fact he has a whole paddock and stalls to roam."

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