GOP Rep BLASTS Dem calls for recurring stimulus checks and says cash would 'keep Americans at home and hurt businesses'

A REPUBLICAN representative blasted Democrats on Friday for requesting President Joe Biden give recurring stimulus checks, saying it would keep Americans at home instead of stimulating the economy.

"Democratic policies continue to discourage Americans from returning to work," said Colorado Representative David Schweikert. "'Recurring stimulus checks' are not a solution."

"This will keep Americans at home, & hurt our businesses," he continued. "Any future stimulus should be constructed as a back-to-work bonus to re-grow our labor force."

Schweikert was referring to a call by over 75 Democratic members of Congress who had requested Biden consider recurring stimulus checks going forward.

The movement built steam on Thursday when 21 members of the Senate sent a letter to Biden requesting automatically recurring stimulus checks.

The letter also called for a fourth stimulus check and a streamlined process for updating Americans' pandemic unemployment benefits.

A study found that a fourth stimulus check could lift over 7 million people out of poverty.

On Thursday, the IRS announced that the third round of stimulus checks will also come with a padded "plus up" payment to help those who were hardest hit during the pandemic.

The booster would be given to those who lost their jobs during the pandemic – taking information from their 2020 tax returns.

Since the $1,400 stimulus was only given to those who made less than $75,000 based on 2019 returns, the IRS will be offering the weekly payments based on people's 2020 tax returns.

Some Americans are still awaiting their stimulus checks, a problem expected after the IRS sent out over 130 million checks and dealt with delays from the Social Security Administration.

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