Grandad of Evelyn Mae Boswell ran over love rival with his truck and kidnapped his wife ‘after she stabbed him in neck’ – The Sun

THE grandparents of missing Tennessee toddler Evelyn Boswell have amassed a lengthy list of criminal charges in the past two decades.

Angela Boswell once allegedly stabbed Tommy Boswell Sr in the neck with a pen per court records, while Tommy Sr admitted to kidnapping his wife and was charged with attempted murder for running over one of his estranged wife’s lovers with his truck.

It is now Angela and Tommy’s daughter Megan Boswell who finds herself in trouble with the law.

She is behind bars after making a false statement to members of the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, but may soon be charged with a capital offense.

Meghan, 20, has failed to provide police with any credible information regarding the location of her missing daughter Evelyn.

She did not even report the 18-month-old child missing to authorities.

It was Meghan’s father Tommy Sr who notified police about Evelyn's disappearance last month, saying at the time that he had not seen his granddaughter since Thanksgiving.

Tommy Sr and Angela were even younger than Meghan when they welcomed their first child.

Tommy Jr was born in 1993, when Angela was just 16 and Tommy 24.

At the time, it was considered statutory rape in the state of Tennessee for an individual to engage in sexual activity with a minor under the age of 18 unless there was a four-year age difference between the two parties.

There was an eight-year age gap between Tommy and Angela.

It was Tommy who found himself in trouble with the law early in the pair's relationship.

The same year his son was born, he was picked up in Washington County Virginia on a misdemeanor assault charge that was eventually dismissed the following year.

Tommy and Angela managed to avoid any major run-ins with the law for the next 15 years.

They welcomed Megan seven years after her brother was born, and there were no reports of trouble at home until March 17, 2009, when Angela was charged with aggravated assault.

The Sun obtained a copy of the arrest warrant filed from that incident, which states that Tommy had come home from work to find no food in the house and asked his wife for the keys so he could go get some.

That is when Angela allegedly "grabbed Tommie by the neck and grabbed an ink pen and shoved it into his neck."

She continued to attack her husband as he ran for the door, while their son Tommy tried to pull her off his father.

The charge was eventually dropped after Angela told the court she would abide by the law moving forward, a promise she was apparently not able to keep.

She was arrested for allegedly violating her probation, failing to appear, attempting to resist arrest and even trying to smuggle drugs into prison – twice.

Things escalated when Tommy Sr and Tommy Jr were hit with an attempted murder charge after an incident in 2012.

Court filings claim that Angela and another man were in bed one morning when Tommy Jr began pounding on the door and then broke the glass to let himself into the home.

He then ordered Brandon Yates to get out of his mother's bed and the house, a demand Yates obliged at the time.

He began walking down the driveway and was stunned to see Tommy Sr. speeding towards him in a truck.

Yates was hit and went flying I the air before crashing to the ground.

Then, father and son began attacking Yates while he lay on the ground with a third man who is not identified in court records.

Tommy Sr and Tommy Jr, who was at the time was just 19, were both arrested and charged with attempted murder.

The incident report revealed that Yates ran to a nearby home to get help, and that the Boswells left the scene.

Tommy Sr later hung up when contacted by police according to the report, and yet still both father and son pleaded no contest and got off with just probation.

Then, just a few months after that attempted murder charge, Tommy Sr was involved in an incident with his wife that resulted in him being indicted on charges of domestic assault and kidnapping.

He eventually entered a guilty plea to those charges in September 2014 and was given probation.

In between the two events, he and Angela welcomed a son Elijah.

Angela Boswell filed for divorce from her husband in September 2014 as well, just 10 months after giving birth to the couple's son Elijah.

Angela got custody of the children and the divorce was finalized within a year.

A year after that, the newly-divorced couple had a daughter, Charlotte, but the good times were fleeting by that point.

With the next few years things fell apart, and Angela's behavior began to result in frequent arrests for theft and traffic violations.

Tommy Sr eventually filed a restraining order to get custody, which is why Megan and Evelyn were living at his property last year.

It was Tommy Sr who would report Evelyn missing, and he had been vigilant about finding the girl on social media.

Angela and her daughter seem less concerned, and on Tuesday Megan was ordered to be held on $150,000 bail after police said she made "inculpatory statements" about the death of her daughter.

Its the first time that Megan has been charged with a felony.

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