Grandma shares heartbreak after ‘angel’ grandson, 12, takes his own life

A grandma has shared her heartbreak after her young grandson took his own life just days after his 12th birthday.

Ethan Bourne was found dead in his bedroom a day after he enjoyed an Oreo cheesecake and told his mum how much he loved her.

His distraught grandma Samantha Legonidet, 47, said he had been the family's "little angel" as Ethan's mum had been in a "very bad place" until her son was born.

She told MyLondon little Ethan had lived with his mum and siblings, who had recently moved from Redbridge to Waltham Forest, but would stay with his grandma every weekend.

Samantha said: "The day before his death he had been cooking with his mum. He baked an Oreo cheesecake, which his mum still won't let go of.

"He had a really nice evening with his mum. He'd gone to bed at 9.30pm, when his mum had told him it was time to turn the PlayStation off. Ethan said, Love you Mum, goodnight."

The next morning, at around 7.20am on Friday January 8, his mum discovered her little boy had taken his own life.

His grandmother said: "He was our little angel. He's given us 12 years of his life."

She said Ethan had "absolutely adored Arsenal" and "loved cars, Ferraris, fishing and animals" and loved PlayStation "like all boys at that age."

Samantha said: "He absolutely adored Arsenal, he loved cars, Ferraris. He loved fishing, and animals, was really good with his younger siblings. He Loved the PlayStation like all boys that age."

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Ethan was a "typical 12-year-old," she said, but "didn't really speak about his feelings," which is what the family are finding "difficult."

She said the family have "so many questions" and added that he had going through a stage of having a bad temper but seemed to have "snapped out of it."

Samantha said: "I guess really he was a typical 12-year-old. A typical boy, didn't really speak about his feelings, which is what we're finding difficult now.

"We've got so many questions as to why this happened."

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