Great white shark attack: Beast turns water RED with blood in terrifying breach

In the heart-stopping video, a fishing rod is seen hanging over the side of the boat before a great white shark suddenly appears from underneath the water’s surface.

A 100lb bluefin tuna the fisherman had caught only moments before was savagely snatched by the beast.

As the man attempts to hold on to his catch of the day, the shark’s desperate bid to flee with the meal proves successful and it quickly disappears back under water within seconds.

A haunting cloud of red bloody water forms out of the splashes.

The terrifying video was filmed in Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

Since being uploaded to Reddit only a day ago the video has received a staggering 98% upvote from viewers.

The channel owner “u/Philosophicmonkey” captioned the video: “Great white shark steals 100lb Bluefin tuna from fishermen as if it’s an hors d’oeuvre!”

One viewer commented: “It’s amazing how quickly a great white, or any other large shark, could bite off a chunk from a fish that large.”

Another claimed: “They’re smart. They probably follow fishing boats for easy meals.”

Great white sharks are often hitting the headlines.

Weeks ago, one shark charged directly for a diver baring its razor-sharp teeth.

Another attempted to bite a diver’s head in a scarily close encounter.

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