Great white shark ‘spotted off coast of Scotland’ is ‘compelling evidence’

Fears have been raised that a great white shark may have been spotted off the west coast of Scotland.

The suspected sighting of the apex predator comes after footage was gathered by kayakers who were predictably given quite the fright by what they saw.

It is highly unlikely for great white sharks to be spotted in UK waters, but this clip, filmed in 2012 but being analysed again now, could prove to be a major clue that they do venture over this way.

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A large fin can be seen in the footage which then dips below the water and off into the deep blue gloom.

The existence of the fin is by no means evidence alone that the creature in the shot was a great white, with a number of sharks possessing relatively similar-shaped fins.

Certain types of sharks other than great whites are known to hang out in British waters including porbeagle, mako and basking sharks.

None of these varieties pose a major threat to humans.

But despite the existence of various sharks here, people continue to claim that this particular sighting could be something out of the ordinary.

Earlier this month, YouTuber Islander Outdoors put together a video giving his two pence on the matter.

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He reckoned that the shape of its head seen through the water and the profile of the fin were indicators that it was indeed a great white.

On reason alone, there is nothing stopping the apex predators from heading over to old blighty – it’s just a question of why they would want to.

Chatting in the comments, Islander Outdoors said: “This might be a basking shark I tried to enhance the footage to see gills/dorsal to nose distance but it wasn’t good enough to determine!

“Anyway, for some fun I’ve put it out there for you to decide amongst yourselves.”

The post certainly got people talking, with one person replying: “I emailed my retired shark biologist friend in Tahiti about this video, and he said that that shark was definitely a great white shark.

“This backs up that other video of British biologists who claimed they had seen a GW net to them off the west coast of Scotland. Seems to be confirmed.”

Another person chipped in: “I have been pretty much obsessed with great whites in UK since I was 7 and have studied and analysed so many different sightings and I have seen some extremely convincing and compelling evidence, but this is by far the best footage I've seen in a long time.

“I will confirm that this is NOT a basking shark. It is a large predatory shark. It has a fish in its mouth that you can see it chomp down on and then get spooked by the kayak.

“It's that biting motion that confirms this to not be a basking shark."

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