Groom makes epic 6km trek through heavy snow to attend his own wedding

Brits have been warned about heavy weather conditions as snow has started to disrupt travel in parts of the country.

Although snow has come down thick and fast in some regions, most people probably won’t need to trek through icy conditions to reach their weddings.

However, that wasn’t the case for groom Rajnish Kurmachali who was forced to walk to his own ceremony in Uttarakhand, India, after snow made other methods of transport impossible.

He and his family set off from the town of Triyuginarayan but couldn’t reach their destination due to snow blocking the roads.

Eventually they decided to walk the rest of the way, the Hindustan Times reported , which was 6km (almost 3.7 miles) in total. Now that’s commitment!

The publication reported that 80 people were meant to set off for the wedding from the groom’s hometown.

But because of the icy conditions, only 25 made it through the snowy conditions to the village of Makku Math where the ceremony took place.

On the long walk, the groom’s family, dressed in their wedding outfits, formed a procession with children playing with snowballs along the way.

The groom’s brother, Ashish Gairola, documented the journey as they walked, where everyone appears in high spirits for the trek.

"If you see the pictures then you would question whether they were even feeling cold," he told the publication.

People on social media were in awe of the groom’s commitment to making sure he was by his bride’s side for the big day.

"Lucky girl," one wrote. "He is ready to cross mountains of snow for her. Blessings."

Another added: "When you love it (in this case her) you’re ready to do whatever it takes. This guy has won the # MondayMotivation award

A third joked: "This bridegroom certainly didn’t have cold feet".

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