Gym reopens with individual pods made from shower curtains to maintain social distance in vision of the future – The Sun

A CALIFORNIA gym has reopened amid the coronavirus pandemic with a novel safety measure in place – individual pods made of pipes and shower curtains.

Inspire South Bay Fitness in Redondo Bay installed 9 "pods" into its gym; each is six feet wide and around 10 feet tall, and contains workout equipment like benches and dumbbells.

The pod-filled gym just may be the way of the future as gyms across the country look for ways to reopen while preventing the spread of COVID-19 to patrons.

The gym's owner, Peet Sapsin, explained that he and his staff set out to come up with a cheap way to protect clients from exposure to coronavirus when gyms in California were given the OK to reopen.

Gyms in the state closed in March.

"It’s been really tough, we weren’t sure if we were gonna [be] able to reopen again," Sapsin told news station KTLA.

"But because now that we’ve come up with this solution, it’s a lot more affordable and, now, we can reopen back up a little more safer and healthier for our clients."

In an Instagram post explaining the decision to put up the pods, Sapsin explained that the gym will continue to host workout classes on Zoom for patrons who still don't feel safe coming into the gym even as lockdown restrictions begin to relax.

For those who really want to get back into the gym, they now have the option to reserve a pod, the Independent reported.

"Reopening our gym [Inspire South Bay] is not an easy task. But we are prepared to increase the safety for all of our members against COVID-19," Sapsin wrote, adding that new sanitation and social distancing protocols would also be in place.

KTLA reported that the Inspire South Bay crew is asking members to sanitize their hands, have their temperature taken and sign a waiver before they begin a workout.

Inspire South Bay has now been open – with workout pods in place – for three days, and the gym has gotten a ton of positive feedback for their creative safety measures.


Sapsin said he hopes his workout pods can inspire other gyms owners who may be feeling unsure about how to reopen.

"We just wanted to help protect our clients in one form or another," Sapsin said in a video posted to his Instagram story. "Just making sure that we service our clients with as much safety guidelines as we can, or even help some [gym owners] to open up their gyms safely and in an affordable way."

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