Hairdresser mum’s horror as stranger cuts her hair off in ‘random’ attack

A hairdresser says she will "never get back on a bus again" after a "random man" hacked off her hair on her way home from a night out.

Emma Clark, 32, was left mortified after she discovered that a man had cut off around 10 inches of her hair at a bus stop in Manchester city centre on Friday ( April 8).

The mum-of-four, from Fallowfield, said she wants to warn others about the incident after someone contacted her on social media to say the same thing happened to her.

Police have since confirmed that they are investigating a similar report from someone else. However, they said there is no evidence at the time to suggest the two incidents are linked.

Authorities said "initial enquiries" suggested Emma was approached by an unknown man who "cut off some of her hair before walking away."

Emma, who had been to a show earlier with her parents, believes the man had a pair of scissors with him, reports Manchester Evening News. 

She said: "I was sat at the bus stop when it happened. I was sat there looking to my right waiting for the bus to come.

"I felt a snip sensation and at first I thought a bee had buzzed past me or something like that.

"I quickly turned my head to the right, but he was on the left hand side of me. I think he has put his arm around me and came at me from the other side.

"I felt another catch of my hair then I saw him – he was waving his umbrella around. I got up and walked away.

"He kept acting really weird. He was shaking with his umbrella. He was alone and wearing a rain mac. I got on the bus and texted my boyfriend."

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Emma detailed the incident on a post to a Facebook group to alert others about the "very sneaky" man. 

 "I tied my hair in a bobble when I got home," she added. "I have got quite long hair and it is very thick. 

"I started to feed the baby and noticed a bit of my hair hanging out. I pulled it and lots of my hair just fell out.

"I posted it on Facebook and had another girl message me to say the exact same thing happened to her.

"When she reported it to the police, the police told her there was another girl as well who said a man claimed his umbrella got caught in her hair.

"It is an awful thing. I have already had weird things happen to me on buses and now I will never, never get on a bus again. I feel really vulnerable.

"I didn't at the time realise he'd cut my hair but he has cut eight to 10 inches off at one side."

In a statement, Greater Manchester Police said: "Police received a report of an assault on Oxford Road in Manchester city centre.

"Initial enquiries suggest that the victim was approached by an unknown male who has then cut off some of her hair before walking away. Enquiries are ongoing.

"Police are also investigating a second similar report, although this report cannot be confirmed as being linked." 

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