Heartbreaking advert moves millions of parents to tears

An insurance company known for making millions cry with emotive TV adverts has managed to create another viral hit.

The commercial "Mother Knows Best" shows a school boy staring into his smartphone while having dinner with his mum.

The youngster refuses to put his phone down and eat, despite his mum asking.

He eventually put the phone to one side, but instead of picking up his cutlery to start eating, he asks his mum a series of questions about modern technology.

He appears to want to show his mum how much more he knows about the modern world than she does.

But as he returns to playing on his phone, she quietly tells the boy all the things she does know, about him.

She reminds him that she knows that he had a seizure when he was a few months old, he hates thunder and she works hard to send him to the best school.

Quickly realising his mum knows best, he tells her the fish they are eating has too many bones.

She calmly helps him with his food, before the pair finally enjoy their meal together.

This is not the first time Thailife Insurance has made a successful advert, with their 2014 racking up a mere nine millions views, which featured a schoolboy busking to pay his mum’s hospital bills

It followed commercials featuring a blind daughter, dead mother and a sick dad.

This year’s video has been hailed be viewers, with one saying: "This reminds me of the time when I got so angry trying to teach my mom how to use a mobile phone.

"People who think their parents are stupid, think again.

"You got so smart because of your parents’ money that sent you off to school.

"They paid for your internet.

"It’s not that they don’t want to learn about new things, but all of their time was dedicated to you."

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