Heartbreaking note of boy, 7, kept chained in wardrobe & forced to write 'I'm a horrible son' by mum 'who murdered him'

COPS have found the notebook of a boy, 7, who was kept in chains and forced to write "I'm a horrible son" by his mother, who's now being accused of his murder.

Brazilian police believe Yasmin Vaz dos Santos Rodrigues, 26, got her son to write "I'm an idiot" and "I don't deserve the mum I have" before drugging him and dumping his body into a river.

An extract of Miguel dos Santos Rodrigues' journal, found at his mum's home, read: "I'm bad. I'm cruel. I'm evil. I suck. I don't know how to value anyone. I'm a horrible son."

Police believe Rodrigues forced her son to write these belittling phrases over and over again.

Rodrigues was eventually arrested in Imbe, Brazil, on July 30 after she confessed to killing Miguel.

The woman waited two days to report her son missing and when she finally went to the police station, she recounted how she fed Miguel an antidepressant and then put his body into a duffle bag and dumped it in the Tramandai River, according to G1.

Following her confession, authorities searched the boy's home and found a chain Rodrigues had confessed to using to tie Miguel up in a wardrobe.

Her female partner, Bruna Nathieli Porto da Rosa, 23, is also a suspect in the crime and is behind bars. She threatened the youngster in a video seen by police.

In it, she says: "If your mother comes and you wet yourself, I'll take you apart with a stick.

"If you piss (on yourself) I'll take your piss and rub it in your face," she adds. "Do you understand? And it will be very easy for me."


Police chief Antonio Carlos Ractz said the boy had been the victim of "intense" neglect and torture.

In a statement, he said: "What is already clear and we will confirm during the investigations is that the child was living under intense physical and psychological torture.

"He was malnourished. Although he was enrolled in school, he had no friends and did not go anywhere. He was locked in a room in the house, placed in punishment, locked and tied inside a closet."

Rodrigues was set to hand over responsibility for Miguel to her mum but was told on July 28 – the day she allegedly killed the innocent boy – that an error in her paperwork meant the seven-year-old would have to stay with her.

Miguel's school said he showed no signs of being abused while the man believed to be his father, 28-year-old João Pedro Ewert, told GZH he had no idea his son was being tortured.

"My grandmother saw the report on television on Friday, called my mother, and she thought the story was absurd. 

"She knew Yasmin and knew she took good care of him. On Saturday morning, the maternal grandmother contacted my mother to break the news," he said.

However, ee noticed things began to change when Rodrigues started dating da Rosa.

"Actually, the fact that I'm aware of is that it changed when she had this new relationship. She changed with the boy."

When Rodrigues eventually killed her son, she did whatever she could to avoid rousing suspicion, Ractz said.

"In order to escape, afraid of the police, she left her house, taking the inner streets, not the main avenues, took the child in a suitcase on the riverbank, and threw the body."

Rodrigues was not convinced that her son was dead and reported him missing the day after but police noticed a series of contradictions in her statement, leading to her eventual confession and arrest.

Miguel's body has still not been found, and only a pair of shoes has since been recovered from the water.

The suspect faces charges of aggravated homicide.

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