Heartbroken mum discovers she’s pregnant two days after boyfriend dies in crash

A heartbroken mother has opened up on discovering she was pregnant just two days after her partner was killed in a driving accident in southeast Wales.

Hannah Probert, now 22, and Bradley Lukins, 21, had been trying for a baby and were desperate to become parents.

Bradley was a passenger in a Volkswagen Polo being driven by friend Delme Marks in Brynmawr, Gwent when it lost control and ended up on its roof.

Marks was over the legal cannabis limit when he caused the crash, in 2018.

Now, Hannah has opened up about the experience, saying the moment she found out she was pregnant was the most "bittersweet" of her life.

She told Wales Online: "I remember two days after he died I took a pregnancy test and when the lines got darker I realised I was pregnant with Bradley's baby.

"It was the most bittersweet moment of my life. I had part of Bradley growing inside me but it broke my heart that he had died and would never know he was going to become a daddy – the thing he wanted most in the world."

She went on: "It wasn't easy but I decided to announce my pregnancy at Bradley's funeral in front of all the people who loved and cared about him. It was incredibly emotional but I know it was the right thing to do and I am glad I did it."

Hannah said that during the accident, Bradley "took the brunt of the impact and suffered catastrophic internal bleeding".

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She added: "His mother, Mary, called me and told me Bradley had been in a car crash and was dead. I honestly felt as if the world had stopped. I wouldn’t believe Bradley was dead until I saw him myself.

"I will never forget going to the hospital and seeing Bradley laying in bed with a tube still in his mouth.

"He had a black eye but other than that he looked perfect and as if he was sleeping. I was crying and telling him to wake up. But I knew he never would."

Nine months later on March 22, 2019, Hannah gave birth to a 5lb 11oz boy who she named Archie-John Bradley.

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"When Archie was born I looked at him and realised he was the image of Bradley. It was so comforting," she said.

"Maybe Archie was Bradley’s parting gift to me. That is the way I like to think of him."

Cardiff Crown Court heard Marks, of Blaina, Gwent, was high on cannabis when he took his eyes off the road to reach for his cigarette lighter.

Marks, 21, reached down to the footwell for the lighter to get it seconds before the crash on a country road.

He was sentenced to two years imprisonment. He has also been disqualified from driving for six years and will have to take an extended retest.

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