Here Are Ways To Help First Responders In Southern California

The LAFD is being overwhelmed with donations of goods they can’t use immediately

Malibu residents like Gerard Butler realize that their homes have either been burned or are in peril and are urging the public to please make financial donations rather than donations of supplies like food and bottled water to please instead send funds if you can directly through the LAPD website so they can immediately get desperately needed supplies like hydration packs.

TMZ is reporting that Butler returned to the Malibu site where his house was to find its charred remains. The actor said he finds the whole thing “heartbreaking,” but still reached out to thank the LAFD for all that they are doing. He asked that anyone who can help should please make a contribution through the LAFD website, Support LAFD.

Fox 11 wrote about how to help those affected by the fire, and they also mentioned the need for funds to buy more hydration packs.

They indicated that there are two ways to help obtain the hydration packs. The first is through the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation.

“They’re requesting donations to provide hydration packs for LAFD firefighters who are working to contain the fires, and say any amount of money will make a difference.”

Members of the entertainment industry are banding together to also get money into the right hands. The Entertainment Industry Foundation is raising money through the Fire Relief Fund.

“The organization is raising money through its Fire Relief Fund, and the funds collected will support firefighters and first responders. Donations of all amounts are being accepted, but a $275 donation funds one Hydration Pack for a firefighter.”

You may ask what are hydration packs and why are they so critical. National Firefighter describes hydration packs as a way for firefighters to stay hydrated and cool so that they can keep working through a crisis.

“Wildland firefighters need to stay healthy, fit, and well hydrated to manage the rigors of their jobs. With the right gear, you can be assured of meeting the requirements of sufficient hydration. When choosing a hydration pack, consider capacity, ease of access, visibility, extra gear storage, and ease of movement.”

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Now I know why I learned at an early age not to mess with mother nature. There is too much ground to cover for the brave firefighters so many of the members of the community are doing their best. I want to thank my dear friend @elijah_a.b who stayed behind with me and fought the fire at my house and my neighbors. For now he helped me keep the home standing. Most importantly is that the humans are safe. First video is all around our home and the second video is what we saw as we were exiting PCH just north of Pepperdine.Aloha

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Luzanne Otte, a Malibu resident who is concerned about her property but even more concerned about the firefighters risking their lives in the process, says that if people can give whatever they can to support first responders that would be very helpful.

Otte has spoken to several firefighters before she evacuated herself and her pets, and asked what she could do to help. She said that first and foremost they ask that residents follow all evacuation orders.

“Aside from the emotional overwhelm, fire stations are physically overwhelmed by the donations. They have graciously stated their appreciation for the kindness, but they do not need or want donated goods at the station. It is forcing them to divert resources from the front lines back to the stations. The LAFD has directed those who feel moved to show support to donate to the LAFD Foundation. The foundation is collecting donations to purchase urgently needed hydration backpacks to aid firefighters during long deployments. This is unequivocally the most effective means of materially supporting firefighters.”

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