Hero Brit diver says Elon Musk can 'stick his submarine where it hurts' after offer to help rescue Thai cave kids

The billionaire entrepreneur and boss of SpaceX had offered the use of a six-foot submarine to rescue the 12 trapped boys and coach.

But Vern Unsworth, who currently lives in Chaing Rai, Thailand, said the vessel "had absolutely no chance of working” because the billionaire inventor “had no concept of what the cave passage was like”.

The chief of the rescue operation said the device was "not practical" for the mission which required squeezing the boys through tight, jagged passageways.

All 13 were eventually rescued by divers without Musk's help.

Unsworth described Musk’s offer of assistance as “just a PR stunt”.

He told CNN: “He can stick his submarine where it hurts.

“It had absolutely no chance of working.

"He had no conception of what the cave passage was like.

“The submarine, I believe, was about five foot six long, rigid, so it wouldn’t have gone round corners or round any obstacles.

“It wouldn’t have made the first 50 metres into the cave from the dive start point. Just a PR stunt.”

Unsworth, an experienced cave explorer, said Musk was “asked to leave very quickly” after he turned up at the caverns during the rescue operation on Tuesday.

He added: “And so he should have been.”

Unsworth has extensive knowledge of the cave system, saying it was like a "second home" as he had spent six years exploring it.

He also said the schoolboys and their coach could not have predicted the flooding, as waters gushed into the cave more than three weeks earlier than last year.

The diver said: “These kids were just totally unlucky. Wrong place, wrong time.

“It happened very quick. You can’t blame the coach, you can’t blame the kids.”

All the boys and coach are said to be recovering well after their ordeal and are due to be discharged from hospital next week.

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