HGV driver swerves to narrowly avoid a head-on collision

Inches from catastrophe: The moment a truck driver narrowly misses car driving the WRONG WAY down the M5

  • The HGV was travelling on the M5 motorway when a car approached it head on
  • The truck was forced to swerve into the middle lane in order to avoid the car 
  • The driver said: ‘Nothing quite prepared me for this level of stupidity’ 
  • Fortunately the driver’s reactions were quick enough to avoid disaster 

This is the terrifying moment an HGV driver narrowly misses a hatchback that was travelling in the wrong direction down the motorway. 

Dash cam video captured on May 14 on the M5 motorway between junctions four and three shows the heart-stopping moment the HGV driver realises what is happening. 

The driver said: ‘Nothing quite prepared me for this level of stupidity. 

This is the shocking moment a HGV driver spots a car coming towards him on the M5

The hatchback suddenly realises he is heading the wrong way down the carriageway 

The truck swerved to the right and narrowly avoided a high speed collision with the car 

‘Even still, I’m not sure whether or not this was a mistake on the driver’s behalf or it was a deliberate act of dangerous driving. 

‘If I’d have blinked at the wrong time or wasn’t able to move into lane two, it could have been a lot worse!’ 

The HGV driver spoke to West Midlands police and was told no action is being taken against the offending driver.

The car avoided the truck by a matter of inches as shown in this dashcam footage 

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