Hilarious moment EU's Jean Claude Juncker puts Theresa May on HOLD ahead of Brexit chats

In a behind-the-scenes documentary featuring the Prime Minster, the President of the European Commission kept her waiting to discuss the latest developments in our EU exit.

She can be seen chatting to aides about what she wants to talk about with the Frenchman, adding she wants to discuss the "level of detail" the EU want to see in their plans.

But before she's patched through to speak to Mr Juncker, the PM is herself put on hold – along with some typical background music while she waits.

Mrs May grins and laughs it off, but quickly picks up the phone so the cameras can't hear how long she's kept hanging on for.

Luckily a few seconds later he's patched through, when Mrs May says: "Hello, Jean Claude? I hope you managed to have a good summer break."

The BBC documentary 'Inside No10: Deal or No Deal?' shows the PM working on her red box while watching the hit ITV quiz show, The Chase.

Mrs May is also seen chipping in with the answers to some of the show's questions.

It was filmed last Friday in the living room at the Prime Minister's country residence, Chequers.

The couple, who met while studying at Oxford University, look surprisingly dressed up for relaxing in front of the telly – with Mr May in a suit and Mrs May wearing a pair of heels.

Philip comments that the show's music is "rather menacing" but Mrs May says it's intended to "put pressure on the contestant".

And he chips in to say he "knows this one" only to say he probably wouldn't have said any of the suggested answers.

The couple also showed some of their more human side in the documentary, with Mrs May teasing her husband for getting the name of a flower wrong.

Commenting on the bunch on the table in the living room he chipped in: "These are very nice chrysanthemums aren’t they?"

Only for a startled Mrs May to immediately clarify: "They are not chrysanthemums – they are dahlias!

"You keep calling dahlias chrysanthemums…"

The pair laugh before Philip adds: "Why do I keep getting this wrong?"

But Jacob Rees-Mogg described her hated Chequers plans as a "dirty Harry" choice which could see her weakened later on this year.


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