Hilarious moment Lily the rescue dog escapes from her owner

Hilarious moment Lily the rescue dog escapes from her owner while tied up to a Coca-Cola flag – stopping traffic and causing chaos on a busy street

  • CCTV footage shows the moment a rescue dog makes a break for it in the rain 
  • Lucie Green was walking the rescue dog when she stopped to buy her a treat 
  • However she tied the dog to a Coca Cola flag causing the dog to take off 
  • Ms Green is then filmed chasing the dog up the road and out of sight  

This is the hilarious moment a rescue dog makes a bold escape from her owner while tied up to a Coca-Cola flag – causing chaos and stopping traffic on a suburban street.

Animal rescue volunteer Lucie Green was taking her nine-year-old rescue dog Lily for a walk in Kawakawa, in New Zealand’s north, when she stopped to buy her a treat.

But moments after turning her back on Lily to buy a sausage snack at a bakery, CCTV footage captured the mischievous dog escaping and sprinting down the street with Coca-Cola advertising flag in tow.

The video shows Ms Green tying Lucie to a post before she quickly ducks into a store but moments later the dog appears back into view and seems to realise she is still able to move

Footage captures the dog suddenly taking off down the footpath with Ms Green frantically chasing behind after rushing out of the store..

Lily makes a sharp turn out onto the busy road, in the pouring ran, but thankfully the large Coca-Cola flag being dragged behind her makes her easy to see.

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As Ms Green gives pursuit, Lily performs a 180 degree turn and heads back to the left side of the road before running up the middle.

Rain soaks the pair and the flag can be seen flapping in the wind.

Ms Green refuses to give up the chase, following the dog all the way down the street before moving off camera. 

Lily the rescue dog make a run foe it onto a busy New Zealand street in the pouring rain forcing Lucie Green to give chase 

Ms Green spoke to the NZ Herald and said she had gone into the store to buy the dog a sausage, something she had done in the past, and had tied her to the same spot.   

‘I’ve done it before and hitched her to the flag and put her lead around it, it’s right next to the open doorway so she can see me when I’m ordering her sausage,’ she said.

‘I don’t know what happened on this occasion but something spooked her and she jumped. The concrete slab on the flag scraped along the ground and then she took off. I turned around and charged down High Street.’ 

She said it wasn’t until she got to watch the footage back that she realised she had charged into oncoming traffic, which alarmed her.

‘I was yelling her name at the top of my voice. I finally caught up to her and she had turned the corner to try to take herself home, it was quite a long run and weaving in and out of traffic. It looks like I’m chasing a windsurfer down the street!,’ she said. 

Ms Green said Lily was an ‘absolute character’ and had been adopted by a friendly family since the incident. 



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