Hitler’s nephew was going to marry a Jewish girl

Hitler’s American great-nephew dreamed of marrying his Jewish girlfriend but their engagement collapsed when she learned of his family’s horrific history, Fuhrer’s long-lost descendant reveals

  • Alexander Stuart-Houston is the great-nephew of Nazi tyrant Adolf Hitler
  • He and his brothers Brian and Louis have spent a lifetime hiding the secret
  • Alexander said one of the brothers planned to marry his Jewish girlfriend
  • He said rumours they agreed to let the family line end with them were ‘b******t’

One of the last relatives of Adolf Hitler was to marry a Jewish woman but the engagement fell through when she learnt of his shocking family history, it has been revealed.

Alexander, Brian and Louis Stuart-Houston are the last surviving great-nephews of the Nazi dictator and have spent their lifetimes concealing their controversial lineage from the world.

In his first newspaper interview in more than a decade, Alexander, the oldest of the brothers, and whose middle name is Adolf, broke his silence to say rumours the trio agreed to remain unmarried and childless so the Hitler line would die with them were ‘b******t’.

Alexander Stuart-Houston pictured talking to a reporter at his Long Island, New York home

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He revealed that one of the brothers, who he would not name, had in fact planned to marry his Jewish girlfriend, but the relationship soured when she learnt of the family’s history.

Alexander’s denial of any pact between them runs contrary to comments he made to the British journalist David Gardner in 2002 in which he said that his brothers may have made an agreement without his knowledge.

He said: ‘Maybe my other two brothers did [make a pact], but I never did.’

Alexander’s brothers Louis, left, and Brian. Alexander revealed one brother, who he would not name, had been engaged to a Jewish girlfriend until she found out about his family secret

A fourth brother, Howard, who worked as a tax inspector, was married to a woman called Marie, but died in a car accident on Long Island in 1989.

He had reportedly been determined to start a family, but it is not thought he had any children.

Most of the brothers’ neighbours in the small town of Patchogue, Long Island, where they all live, know nothing of their unusual family tree.

Their father, William Hitler – who Alexander described as ‘a good man’ – was the Fuhrer’s nephew. Their grandfather was Alois Hitler, half-brother to Adolf, who married an Irishwoman he had met while working as a waiter in Dublin.

The brothers’ father, William Hitler – who Alexander described as ‘a good man’ – was the Fuhrer’s (pictured) nephew

It is a secret the brothers have guarded closely all their lives, declining media interviews and even shelving plans for their own book. ‘We discussed it and changed our minds,’ Alexander, 68, a retired psychotherapist, told Bild, the German newspaper.

‘We won’t do it. Not for all the money in the world’.

Their father, who was born in Liverpool and known as Willy, ended up moving to the US. He even joined the Navy and fought against the Germans – Hitler against Hitler was a coup for American propaganda.

After the war he withdrew to Long Island with his German wife, Phyllis, trying to spare his four sons the curse of the family name. In 1946 it became Hiller, and later Stuart-Houston – the name now used by Alexander and his brothers.

The Mail revealed yesterday that Alexander is a staunch Republican, like his brothers, but does not approve of Donald Trump, who he called a ‘liar’.

He told Bild: ‘Some things that Trump says are all right …It’s his manner that annoys me. And I just don’t like liars.’

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