Holidaymaker poses for bikini beach shot before giant wave wipes her out

A bikini-clad beachgoer has had a lucky escape after being battered and swallowed by a freak giant wave in Mexico.

Nicole Boutin, from Boston, US, was trying to take a picture at the picturesque Divorce Beach in Cabo San Lucas, the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula.

As she poses by a giant rock on the shoreline and waits for her friend Macy Nix to click the shutter, a big wave strikes and engulfs her in whole seconds it floods the coast.

Macy is heard yelling 'Oh my God!' before running to Nicole, who completely disappeared from view.

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Nicole was crushed and swept off her feet but she managed to get up.

Friend Macy said: "I was terrified and I thought she smashed into the rock as I yelled and took off towards her and she popped up.

"Luckily, she managed to keep her sunglasses."

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Divorce Beach, which sits on the Pacific with a large stretch of sand, is adjacent to Lovers Beach near the famous arch known as El Arco.

The two beaches gets its name by the locals because one side is considered calm while the other is turbulent.

Several accidents have taken place on Divorce Beach over the years.

In 2012, two sisters were swept away from the beach when a huge wave hit and were drowned in the Pacific Ocean, People reports.

The year after, a couple from Calgary, Canada, died after being swept away by a powerful wave,  CTV News  reports.

Dale McDougall, 62, and his wife Linda, 59, were on land when the breaker hit.

The wave dragged them out to sea and their bodies were later recovered.  

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