Holocaust survivor watched starving prisoners ‘roast and eat a human child’

A holocaust survivor watched starving concentration camp prisoners roast and eat the human flesh of a child just to stay alive.

Nazi hunter and former concentration camp prisoner Josef Lewcowicz witnessed "so much cruelty that nothing surprised" him during his time in five brutal concentration camps.

Josef, 93, has chosen to share his harrowing story in a bid to preserve the truth for generations to come.

Polish-born Josef was 14-years-old when he was given his first job at of shovelling human bones at Płaszów concentration camp.

Nightmarish experiences were a part of everyday life and he watched on as sick Nazi guards made prisoners jump off a cliff.

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While being held captive in Ebensee – a concentration camp in Austria – Josef recalls how conditions became unbearable.

Numb to the horror, Josef watched on as starving people roasted the body of a dead Russian boy.

He told SunOnline: “A young Russian boy died and there was a few of the Russian people went and cut off his whole behind, and made a fire with branches and dry wood, and roasted human flesh, and ate it.

Commenting on the horror of the Nazi era, he wrote: “I had seen so much cruelty that nothing surprised me anymore.”

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On May 5, 1945, Ebensee prisoners were liberated and broke through the fence.

Josef said: “We said, can it be? Are we free? Are we breathing free air?”

But the horrific reality of the war soon set in as he patiently waited for family members to return to Krakow.

Sadly, no one ever came home, and it was later revealed 150 members had been murdered in concentration camps.

Josef made it his life mission to hunt down evil Nazis who went into hiding after the war.

He said: “I had to do something.

“Number one – I have to get after those Nazis who tortured us, that made our days miserable, killing us, beating us, hanging us.”

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Josef trained as a policeman and set about scouring large prisoner of war camps and interrogating captured German soldiers about where the most sadistic SS officers had fled.

One day, he got a break and found the deadly Amon Göth hiding under a false name in Dachu concentration camp.

Göth was an Austrian Nazi office who ran Plaszow concentration camp in Poland.

Josef said: “As I approached him, my blood started boiling in me. I ran fast.

“When I saw his murderous face, he didn’t look the same, he looked like a beggar.”

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Shortly before Göth was executed for his horrific war crimes, former prisoner Josef went to see him in his cell.

He bravely told The Butcher of Plaszow: “You are the worst – there is nothing like you.

“You did all those things and you’ll have to pay for it.

“You’ll be brought to justice.”

Göth’s last words were "Heil Hitler".

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