Horrific moment man loses hand falling on saw while fleeing charging bull

CCTV has captured the horrific moment a man lost a hand when he fell into a saw while running away from a charging bull.

The victim, known only as Rauf, was buying some wood at a mill when his bright red top attracted the animal to him.

The bull bolted straight at Rauf, and although the 22-year-old managed to escape, he ran straight into the working saw-mill.

As a result, his hand was severed by the blade.

Quick-thinking onlookers put Rauf’s hand in a bag of ice – and plastic surgeons have now successfully replaced the limb through a rare operation.

It is hoped he will regain full use of it.

The freak accident happened in Manipuram in India on October 5.

Rauf, of Kozhikode, India, said: "I went to the saw mill that day. Suddenly a bull attacked me from behind.

"I ran here and there before I fell on the machine and my hand was cut."

Rauf was immediately rushed to Aster MIMS Kozhikode where plastic surgery was carried out by senior consultant Dr Krishnakumar.

He managed to replace the severed palm in a 12-hour long two-stage surgery.

The first surgery, which took more than seven hours re-attached his minute blood vessels and bones.

Three days later, in a five-hour long second stage surgery, the doctors were then able to reconstruct his nerves and muscles.

Rauf left hospital after four days later and his hands have regained 90 percent of its functionality.

With physiotherapy in the two to three months, doctors hope he will be able to regain full functionality of his hand.

Dr Krishnakumar said: "In this case, it was the presence of mind displayed by Rauf’s colleagues who brought the sliced off palm in a bag of ice that was crucial to the patient’s recovery.”

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