Horrified man spots leg sticking out of skip – then makes X-rated discovery

A sex doll has been found in a skip at a student accommodation building – after a LEG was spotted sticking out of the rubbish.

The X-rated doll was initially mistaken for a dead body when it was discovered in the skip at Uni City Lodge in Coventry city centre.

It was found sporting pink toenail polish and a tattered French maid’s uniform, with its legs and feet twisted, Coventry Live reports.

Tony Demarco, owner of Uni City Lodge, had a real shock when he found the sex doll while checking the bins.

For a second, he thought he had a human’s body on his hands.

"I had a bit of a fright to start with," he said.

"I could just see the leg."

Mr Demarco described how the doll was made of silicone – with the words ‘silicone sex doll’ scrawled on its thigh.

It was dressed in the remains of a white French maid’s uniform and even had bright pink toenail polish applied.

A photo of the item, taken after it had been removed from the skip and placed on the ground, is the stuff of nightmares.

The doll’s legs and arms can be seen twisted in different directions.

Mr Demarco added: "We’ve had a few odd things turn up in our skip over the years but nothing quite like this.

"We actually had to drag it out because they don’t really take away things that look like dead bodies.

"It must have weighed over a tonne."

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