Horrified Tesco customer finds 'disgusting blood-stained glove' in her £5 roast chicken

Lucy Charlotte Paul, from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, had purchased the £5 roasted chicken to feed her precious seven Chihuahuas.

But when she opened the paper bag and went to pull out the tray she claims she discovered a filthy white cotton glove tucked inside.

Fearing a contamination issue at the Tesco store in the town of March, Cambridgeshire, the dog boutique owner instantly threw the chicken in the bin and refused to give it to her hungry dogs.

On Friday, the 33-year-old shared her disgust at her discovery on social media, the same day she made the purchase.

Sharing photographs of the rogue glove, Lucy wrote: “I’ve just opened this cooked chicken from your Wisbech store – only to find this disgusting glove inside.

“This is complete carelessness and I suggest you check your products more thoroughly.

“Needless to say it’s gone straight in the bin. Absolutely disgusting.”

One photograph shows the glove tucked into the top of the black tray underneath the chicken’s legs.

When Lucy pulled the cotton glove out, she discovered grease and blood stains in the palm of the glove.

Speaking today, Lucy said: “I was disgusted, I’ve never seen anything like it I had to look twice. Never.

“I was really shocked. I mean they must have known they had lost a glove?

“It’s just awful. I chucked it in the bin after taking the pictures. I have written to Tesco and environmental health.

“The chicken was actually bought for our seven Chihuahuas. I feed them cooked chicken daily but obviously didn’t let them anywhere near that.”

Tesco Customer care team commented under the post: "This doesn't look good Lucy.

"We'd like to get this investigated right away.

“Please return the glove and packaging to your nearest Superstore, Metro or Extra at your earliest convenience where my colleagues will get this underway."

On social media, Kate O'Neill joked: “At least the chicken was in there, otherwise some poor sod may have been going around today using a chicken as a glove.”


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