Horrifying corpse entombed in concrete wall discovered under popular bar

Holidaymakers in the sunny French city of Nice were shocked after a popular downtown bar was dramatically closed after an actual body was discovered entombed in the wall.

Police searching L'Atrium had found traces of blood and so searched the premises more thoroughly.

Upon closer inspection of the wine cellar, they discovered the decomposed corpse of a man buried in concrete in the walls.

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The AFP and BFM Nice Côte d'Azur report that the bar was closed straight after the discovery yesterday (June 29).

The manager of the bar has reportedly been arrested for "kidnapping and unlawful confinement resulting in death" and several other people are thought to be detained by authorities in connection.

Local reports suggest that the bar manager has allegedly already admitted to the killing.

According to local news sites who have spoken to a police source, he admits to rowing with a man, killing him and then hiding the body in concrete.

Firefighters have since removed the body from the concrete block and the local Prosecutor's Office has opened an investigation after the unnamed victim's disappearance caused concern.

The Sun reports that locals have been left stunned by the revelation.

One man, named Chris Gaillot, has said he'll think twice about going for a coffee now.

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He said: "How awful! We're at a point where drinking a coffee can cost us our lives.

"[There is] too much insecurity and violence, this city is dangerous."

Since the incident, the Facebook page of L'Atrium's has been "temporarily paused".

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