Horror as ‘skeletal’ dog launched from car shortly after giving birth to pups

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A lurcher dog was saved from certain death after it was launched out of a car – shortly after giving birth to a litter of puppies.

Agnes, who is only four years old, was taken to a local Dogs Trust rehoming centre in Finglas, Dublin, after shocked witnesses saved her from further harm.

Sadly, the fate of her puppies is not known as there were no signs of them in the area, DublinLive reports.

The traumatised dog, white in colour, was treated by vets at the centre upon arrival.

She was extremely thin and had severe dental issues.

They said she had just given birth to the litter on the day, or possibly a few days before.

Administration assistant manager for Dogs Trust Ireland, Sandra Ruddell, who was the first member of staff to come into contact with Agnes, said: "She was skeletal and just lay down in the reception area of our centre, so I had to carry her to see our vet.

“I had to carry her to see our vet.

"Unfortunately, we will never know what became of her puppies.

"What makes it more upsetting is what an extremely sweet and gentle natured dog she is and the fact she was producing milk for pups she would never get a chance to feed."

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This story has a happy ending, however, as Agnes was fostered by a new family just a few weeks later.

"We can’t thank her foster family and the kind people who brought her to us enough and we are delighted that after a few weeks of love and care, Agnes looks like a different dog,” said Ms Ruddell.

The charity currently has 154 dogs in its care, and is now urging more people to come forward and offer their homes for fostering, or even adoption.

Kate Horgan, foster coordinator for DTI, said: “Given the volume of surrender requests we have received over the past few months, we are appealing for loving foster homes, so we can continue to help as many dogs as possible.

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"Being a foster carer gives you all the joy of helping a rescue dog learn about life in a home without the long-term commitment and it’s perfect for dog lovers who aren’t in a position to adopt a dog yet.

"If you can temporarily welcome a rescue dog into your home, and especially if you have experience with dogs, we would love to hear from you.”

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