Horror as ‘vain’ mum does something ‘disgraceful’ to three-year-old daughter

A woman who waxed her daughters’ eyebrows, legs and upper lips from the age of three has been branded a “disgrace” by a fellow parent.

The mum, who has “three fair-haired daughters”, is so image obsessed she also forced them to wear make-up as soon as they started secondary school.

The mother who spoke out about it said that the woman “moves in her circles” and that when she discovered she was waxing her toddlers’ body hair “she couldn’t wrap her head round it”.

Writing on the Kidspot blog, she said: “I think what she is doing to them is an absolute disgrace.

“Her proactive stance against any sort of body hair on her daughters (because the blonde upper lip hair is ALWAYS so abundant and noticeable, not to mention a major issue that must be eliminated on preschoolers) involves measures I wouldn’t be willing to put a full grown adult through.”

She went on to reveal that the daughters, who are now teenagers, had their hair and make-up checked every morning before they went to school.

The incensed mother, called Shona Hendley, from Melbourne, Australia, wrote: “She would insist on checking their appearance before they left – not, as is the case with most mothers, to check they’d brushed their hair or teeth, but to make sure no unsightly blemishes were venturing out into the world.”

The mum also monitors her daughters’ Instagram content, according to the blog, to make sure all their pictures are perfect.

Shona added: “Their mother reportedly has full control over what they post on Instagram, but it’s not predators or promiscuity she’s trying to avoid.

“Rather, her critical eye is quick to find an angle that doesn’t work or a pimple that should have been filtered out.

“As a mother of two daughters myself I can’t even imagine how this has influenced her daughters’ self-image, self-esteem and their perception of what makes someone beautiful.

She added: “I intend to keep my children as far as possible away from that kind of parenting, and instead just let my children be children."

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