Horror moment cowardly yobs from the 'Trouble Company' firm ambush innocent Liverpool fans ahead of the Champions League Final

Reds fans had to hide behind upturned tables as around 20 burly hooligans stormed into Rooster in Kiev and began hurling glasses, bottles and chairs.

Several of the travelling supporters were left with cuts and bruises following the unprovoked and bloody attack on Thursday night.

Police didn't specify the nationality of those involved in the ambush, however thugs from the 'Trouble Company' firm who follow CSKA Kiev later claimed responsibility.

And one of the men arrested by local cops was wearing a black t-shirt brandished with the notorious football firm's name.

Police in the Ukrainian capital are now on high alert in the run up to Saturday night's showpiece match between Liverpool and Real Madrid at the city's Olympic Stadium

Thousands of supporters have descended on Kiev for tomorrow’s Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko – the former heavyweight boxing champ – said his riot cops are primed for trouble.

He said: “Security for us is a main priority. Right now more than 10,000 police are watching and controlling the city.”

The innocent Liverpool supporters were targeted just after 8.30pm by 20 vicious thugs who acted like a "pack of dogs" just two days before the final.


Jason Frost, 50, from Nuneaton, was targeted just hours after arriving in Kiev for the big game.

He said: "We’ve been here for four hours and then we’re getting attacked. They came at us like a pack of dogs.  It was terrifying.”

The attack came after the Sun online warned about the possibility of trouble in the Ukrainian capital.

Kiev, in the Ukraine, is the hellish stamping ground of several notorious and brutal football 'firms' including the Trouble Company.

Among the most dangerous are the right-wing Nazi thugs of the White Boys Club who follow the city's best known team Dynamo Kiev.

They are infamous for sporting  KKK hoods and swastikas on match days and already have a long history of attacking British supporters.

In 2015, they hit the headlines for targeting Chelsea fans both inside and outside the same stadium which will host this weekend's final.

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