Hospice workers arrested over video of patient titled ‘The End’

Three hospice facility workers were arrested in connection to a Snapchat video titled “The End” filmed in a room with a stroke victim, according to authorities.

Charges were filed against three women employed at Bentley Senior Living Facility in Jefferson, Ga., for exploiting an elderly and disabled person, news station WSB-TV reported. They were identified as Jorden Lanah Bruce, 21; Mya Janai Moss, 21; and Lizeth Jocelyn Cervantes Ramirez, 19.

Police said the women were tasked with taking care of a 76-year-old woman who had a stroke last month, but instead ignored her and filmed the video.

“It was going to be an extensive time before the hospice nurse could be there, so these three employees were supposed to closely monitor the patient,” a Jefferson Police Department spokesperson told the news station.

The footage posted to Snapchat reportedly showed them making obscene gestures, cursing and one of the women smoking a vape pen. Officials said the patient, however, was not filmed.

Another employee saw the video and reported the women.

All three suspects were arrested June 22, according to the news station.

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