‘How do you think your kids were conceived?’: Viewers mock mothers

‘How do you think your kids were conceived?’: Viewers mock mothers who made ‘ethical’ porn movie after one VOMITS during filming and another felt ’50 Shades of Grey’ was ‘too much’

  • Online reaction to ‘Mums Make Porn’ documentary dominated by disbelief
  • Viewers asked why women so uncomfortable with the subject had taken part
  • Others shared their disbelief at the extremely negative reactions of the mothers 
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TV viewers have reacted with scorn to a new documentary about mothers making a porn film, with many asking why such seemingly faint-hearted women joined the project.

Last night marked the first of three episodes of Channel 4’s heavily-trailled new doc, Mums Make Porn, in which five mothers are shocked by the content available to view online, and then make an x-rated film they would be comfortable with their children watching.

But online reaction was swift and sarcastic to some of the more extreme reactions the mothers had to viewing hardcore material.

Mother-of-six Sarah Louise had to dash outside feeling extremely nauseous after watching porn

The documentary makers kept rolling as Sarah Louise ran to be sick by the fence and her fellow mothers went to look after her

Her newfound friends comforted her and held her hair back as she struggled not to be sick

Twitter users wondered why some of the women were involved in something so far outside their comfort zone

The most popular tweets in reaction to the show shared bewilderment at some of the women’s reactions

As part of their research, the participants watched adult films based on violence, female submission and rape.

Sarah Louise, a mother-of-six who works as a beautician in Bolton, was so disturbed by what she watched that she vomited.

But Twitter user Boozy Joe called the show a ‘load of sh**’, saying: ‘Throwing up because of “c**”, how do you think your kids were conceived…!!!!!’

Another viewer asked: ‘Sarah Louise has 6 kids, and is shocked by porn?!’

Wedding photographer Sarah looked shocked while researching content available online

The mothers had to comfort each other after their trawl through the web’s x-rated sites

There was some positive reaction to the aims of the show but the most virulent reaction was sarcastic

Sam Martin tweeted: ‘Drama queen alert. Sarah get over it what did you think you was watching, f***in Eastenders’.

On the show, devout practicing Christian Jane was very troubled her involvement might be seen as condoning an industry of which she deeply disapproves.

Twitter user Samantha Ramage said: ‘I’m sorry but Jane on #mumsmakeporn is just being too far. She is on a show about porn although thinks “50 Shades of Grey” is too much.’

And Freya wrote: ‘#Mumsmakeporn can’t believe this woman is gagging after watching someone have sex and another is crying at the word a***. ok hun.’

They do not perform in the movie but helped cast, direct, and produce it in a bid, the show said, to create porn that is realistic and promotes positive attitudes towards sex.    

The three-part series follows their journey into the adult entertainment industry, which sees Jane become so distressed by internet porn she quits the project altogether. 

The actors and actresses can also be seen in what appears to be a scene set in a bakery

The team on the film meet director Erika Lust and watch a six-strong female orgy being made

Yesterday on Good Morning Britain two of the five mothers taking part in the documentary, and the producer of the Channel 4 show, told presenters about motivation for taking part in the show.

Anita said: ‘It shows real sex, real bodies, real people.

‘It shows the lead up, the build up, what it takes to begin those relationships, it’s communication, it’s kissing, it’s connection, and then, yes, it does show sex.’

She said she had become involved in the project to ‘change the narrative’, to try to help make it clear to children that porn is not an educational tool, and that parents need to have these conversations.

Her fellow first-time porn producer Sarah, 40, is a wedding photographer from North Wales who cried while watching rape-based content during the research portion of the show

(From left) Emma, Anita, Sarah-Louise and Sarah all feature in the new Channel 4 documentary

Former headmistress Emma (left) is a mother of two daughters aged 18 and 20, while Anita (right), 43, from Manchester, is a mother-of-four and modelling agent

Sarah Louise (left), a mother-of-six who works as a beautician in Bolton, was so disturbed by what she watched that she vomited. Sarah (right), 40, a wedding photographer from Wales, cried while watching rape-based content during the mothers’ research portion of the show

On the show yesterday she said that 95 per cent of online porn was violent towards women – Channel 4 producer Emma Morgan clarified that 88 of the most-seen videos portray violence – and also shows ‘toxic masculinity’.

Producer Emma Morgan explained: ‘I think it’s like 50 per cent of all kids between 11 and 16 will probably have viewed explicit online sexual content, and that felt like an important sea-change in behaviour.’

Last night Twitter user Bex received dozens of Likes for her response to the show: ‘These five women must have THE MOST BORING sex life ever.’  

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