How is the white poppy different from the red, why do some have gold detailing and what has MP Johnny Mercer said about the appeal?

Traditionally, the poppies worn are of a red colour because it is the flower's natural tone. But what about the white poppy?

How is the white poppy different from the red?

The Red Poppy is often described as a symbol of hope and remembrance.

It was adopted to commemorate servicemen and women who died on the battlefield after the First World War.

The remembrance poppy was inspired by the World War I poem In Flanders Fields by John McCrae.

The White Poppy can be used as an alternative to the red poppy. Some choose to wear it alongside the red poppy.

The Peace Pledge Union has said it symbolises the remembrance of all casualties of war, including civilian and non-British, to stand for peace and not glamorise war.

Why do some have gold detailing?

The Royal British Legion is selling special "gold leaf" poppies to mark the centenary of World War I.

One in six poppies will now have "1918-2018" printed in gold on the green leaf.

It is part of the organisation’s campaign to get people to buy and wear a poppy to pay their respects to those who sacrificed their lives during the Great War.

The Legion has launched its biggest poppy appeal to date, which is less than three weeks before Remembrance Sunday.

What has MP Johnny Mercer said about the appeal?

Johnny Mercer, MP, blasted white poppies as "attention seeking rubbish".

He wrote on Twitter: "Ignore the wearers of them. If you don't want to wear a poppy don't bother; they thought and died so you could choose.

"But don't deliberately try and hijack it's symbolism for your own ends."

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