How one company is leading the way on helping the environment

How one company is leading the way on helping the environment and how you can help too!

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The days of driving around in polluting petrol and diesel engine cars are quickly coming to an end, as consumers do their bit for the environment by switching to electric forms of transport.

Improvements in technology have made e-bikes and e-scooters more accessible than ever before, with a huge range of new models to match your lifestyle and price requirements.

Electric cars are also rapidly growing in popularity, with almost 300,000 models on UK roads at the end of April 2020 

The Covid lockdown has only accelerated the shift to electric, with safety concerns around public transport and financial pressures increasingly making it the practical option.

As the UK’s largest cycling store, and one of the leaders in cycle and motor servicing and repairs, Halfords is your one-stop shop for everything e-mobility.

Improvements in technology have made e-bikes and e-scooters more accessible than ever before 

Halfords is passionate about championing greener transport, and offers comprehensive electric and hybrid vehicle servicing through its network of more than 300 Autocentres. 

Expert technicians can service all hybrid makes and models, and use the latest equipment to diagnose problems quickly and efficiently. 

Services start at £89, with great deals available to help you get back on the road. 

How Halfords technicians help keep the electric revolution on the road 

Halfords now offers full servicing and repairs for e-bikes, e-scooters and electric cars.  

The electric transport revolution has led to a dramatic spike in demand for these services, with a 373% rise in e-bike servicing and a 53% increase in bookings for hybrid cars. 

Halfords network of Autocentres is now one of the most significant hybrid capable garage networks in the UK. 

It is continually expanding as the number of electric vehicles on the road increases, helping to cut carbon emissions and improve air quality. 

Halfords also sells a comprehensive range of accessories for electric cars, scooters and bikes. 

New forms of electric mobility are also available to make cutting the environmental impact of your daily travel easier than ever before. 

Halfords has more than 30 e-bike models online and in store, most of which you won’t find anywhere else, and expert colleagues who can provide all the advice you need to make a climate-smart choice.

You can also find a great selection of e-scooters like the Xiaomi M365 – the world’s best-selling model.

And there’s no need to worry about maintenance, as more than 1,000 Halfords colleagues are trained to service electric bikes, scooters and cars. 

An e-bike is just like a normal bike, with the addition of a battery-powered motor that you can use as little or as often as you like.

It can be charged cheaply through the mains and you don’t need to pay for insurance or road tax, helping to save money on commuting costs. Prices at Halfords start from £399. 

And don’t forget to check if your employer takes part in Cycle2Work, as joining the scheme means you can spread the cost of a brand-new bike over 12 months with a guaranteed to saving of at least 32%!

Riding an e-bike is like going on a moving walkway at an airport – you are still pedalling but can climb steep hills with less effort.

In addition to helping the environment, cycling can boost your mental health, and while you won’t be exerting yourself as much on an e-bike they can still help your physical health too.

These fitness benefits were revealed in a study by the University of Colorado Boulder, which found that volunteers who used e-bikes on their commute to work for a month showed an improved aerobic capacity and blood sugar control.

Everyone can benefit from an e-bike, whether you are a new cyclist wanting to ease yourself in, or an experienced one looking to tackle longer journeys.

Plus, not having to push as much means you won’t get as sweaty… so no need to change at work!

Riding an e-bike is like going on a moving walkway at an airport – you are still pedalling but can climb steep hills with less effort

Electric scooters are another rapidly-growing form of green transport championed by Halfords, who are working to make them legal to drive on roads.

They are fun, efficient and – because they can be folded and charged at home – incredibly practical.

Find how much time and money you could save by getting to work on an e-bike 

Tired of sitting in traffic on a packed bus or spending hundreds of pounds a year on petrol?

Find out how much you could save with Halfords Cyculator gadget.   

E-scooters offer obvious benefits to commuters, from reducing carbon emissions and supporting social distancing to potentially cutting congestion as drivers abandon their cars.

They are widely used in several cities in Europe and the US, but sadly in Britain we’ll have to wait, as it is currently only legal to use them on private land.

However, this law is under review and there are hopes this clean, green transport option could be available to commuters in the near future.

You can still enjoy plenty of battery-powered fun in the meantime, particularly as new high-tech tyres mean you can also go over grass or gravel.

Just like e-bikes, e-scooters are remarkably cheap to run and can be charged through mains electricity. 

Most e-scooters at Halfords can reach 15mph, and those with larger batteries can last for hours on a single charge. 

They are also affordable to buy, with prices starting at around £200. 

How YOU can work for Halfords

Hundreds of job vacancies are currently available at Halfords, giving you the chance to become a champion for greener transport.  

These include positions at Halfords Autocentres, where colleagues repair electric vehicles to keep them on the roads. 

There are also roles available in the Support Centre, Retail and Logistics divisions, across a range of roles from entry level up to more senior roles.

Halfords takes its environmental responsibility seriously, and last year hit a target to recycle 95% of all waste. 

The business is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 and recently saved the equivalent of 1,629 tonnes of annual CO2 emissions by fitting energy saving LED lighting at 199 locations. 

In February, Halfords was named in The Sunday Times 25 Best Big Companies to Work For survey for a seventh consecutive year. 

The placing was entirely based on feedback from colleagues, through a detailed questionnaire about workplace culture, practices and colleague sentiment towards their employers.

The findings, which contribute to the ranking, revealed that the majority of colleagues felt their manager cared about how satisfied they felt in their job and that their manager wanted to help them fulfil their potential. 

The poll revealed that the majority also felt that the training in their job was of a great benefit to them personally. 

At Halfords, you will enjoy a competitive salary and a range of other benefits including performance related bonuses, life assurance, pension, colleague discount and trade price bike scheme.

You can browse all the available roles here. 

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